After a big win, Sony executive tries hard not to do a victory lap at E3 (interview) - Venturebeat

LOS ANGELES — Scott Rohde and the rest of the team at Sony’s PlayStation business are riding high in the wake of a successful press briefing in a duel with Microsoft at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The Japanese company struck two blows against Microsoft when it undercut its rival’s new home console price by $100, pricing the Sony PlayStation 4 at $399 compared to Microsoft’s $499. And Sony drew cheers when it said it would allow consumers to purchase used games with fees.
The dust is settling on those announcements, and Sony’s position isn’t so far apart from Microsoft’s. But it’s clear that Sony out-marketed Microsoft, targeting gamers, consumer rights issues, and indie game developers with its message.

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supraking9511985d ago

Sony won. Xbox One just needs to "let it happen, it will be over soon"

Rusty5151985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Or they could just "#dealwithit." After all..."If you don't have a constant Internet connection they have an offline device. It's called the Xbox 360." I was almost convinced that Microsoft was going to "kill Sony at E3" but I was wrong. But I'm sure it'll end up selling really well. I mean "Xbox is about to become the next watercooler."

Kevlar0091985d ago

Sharpen your swords and clean out your chambers for the true battle has yet to come. Sure you have superior numbers but it does not mean the enemy is defeated.

A strong swift blow only matters if it is followed by another. Do not lose focus, do not become your enemy.

Honest_gamer1985d ago

blow 1: ps4 reveal was amazing
blow 2: xbox reveal was extremely disappointing
blow 3: drm
blow 4: sony destroyed them at e3
blow 5: sonys official used game video

Sony isn't just destroying Microsoft at the moment their breaking them down to the atoms.

Kevlar0091985d ago

I agree. My post kinda popped in my head and sounded fun. Kinda want to play Prepare for War by DragonForce :P.

All in good fun.

andibandit1985d ago

hehe in the interview Scott Rhode said that "The Last Guardian is still alive".

Honest_gamer1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

I think its a ps4 title now, and will be shown at tgs maybe launch title?

Edit @ hdshatter

If it has the same improvement ffvs13 did from ps3 - ps4 then we are in for an amazing treat.

NameRemoved00171985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Can't imagine how good the new guardians game would look on modern hardware all those particle effects, HD textures and tessellated monsters.

danthebios1985d ago

My money for that game is collecting serious dust haha,but glad to know its still going.

LightofDarkness1985d ago

Jack Tretton said the game is on hiatus. They haven't cancelled it, but they're not actively working on it currently, and I'm sure they'll return to it as a PS4 title at some point.

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