Consumers will win the next console war, says GameStop president

GameStop president Tony Bartel tells GamesBeat he thinks consumers will reap the benefits of the next generation's innovations.

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jc485732007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Gamestop wants us to voice our opinion for next gen so that they can stay in business. They need to give consumers a big fat discount.

b_one2005d ago

still, i would like to sell games on ebay, gamestop and other that kind of stores, rip to much cash from customers..

R00bot2007d ago

I think consumers will lose, since they now have to pay for online on PS4 and Xbox One.

NameRemoved00172007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Pc is still free. Your paying for better servers/dedicated servers and Sony gives you your $ back x10 in games.

Virtual_Reality2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

If you don't pay to play online or a service, you can still play offline and enjoy F2P games Online such as PS2, DC Universe and probably more in PS4

Just saying.

PopRocks3592007d ago

Paying for online is the least of the issues on Xbox One. And online is still free on PC and Wii U.

R00bot2007d ago

I was unsure how to word it, I meant that the consumers would have won by more if they didn't have to pay for an online service.

And I know the Wii U has free online, that's why I have one :).

kratos_TheGoat2007d ago

I will get both x1 and ps4 day 1 but the winner will be sony

NameRemoved00172007d ago

You would get more entertainment from burning $500 than from buying an xbox 1.

ZBlacktt2007d ago

Greed Stop

Ripoff Stop

The Middle Man

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The story is too old to be commented.