Nintendo’s public Best Buy E3 showcase sucked

In theory, showing off upcoming video games to the public, titles you just revealed yesterday during your E3 presentation, is a spectacular idea and makes perfect sense.

Too bad it sucked.

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Y_51501923d ago

Well I guess patience is key...

PopRocks3591923d ago

"But when I get to an event an hour or so after it starts and join a huge line full of 40 or so hardcore Nintendo fans, only to find out that you have one Wii U console set up to demo four games to dozens of people, I get a little pissed off. Also, when I stand in a line for a half hour and it doesn’t move at all, something is up."

Evidently your kiosk had bad management, author. At mine, everyone was allowed 5 minutes max on their demos and on top of that, there was a sign in sheet, not a line. They even allowed multiple people to join in on certain demos so as to make sure as many people could play as possible.

Or perhaps you're just impatient, but whatever.

chadboban1922d ago

Hey Poprocks, seeing that you were there, what were your thoughts on what you got your hands on? Or are you gonna be posting a blog of your impressions?

PopRocks3591922d ago

Probably gonna do a blog about it some point. Thanks for reminding me to do that! :p

chadboban1922d ago

Okay, cool man, can't wait to read it.

pat_11_51923d ago

That certainly wasn't the situation at the location I attended, commenter.

I'm no stranger to lines, but when one doesn't move for a half hour, I tend to get a little annoyed.

Kevlar0091922d ago

Nintendo wanted to bring the E3 experience to the general population so I guess they delivered

Kevlar0091922d ago

It should be common knowledge to not show up late to a big event where there is at most only one other like it in the state. You don't show up 5 minutes before a show and expect to be at the front of the line

It's also up to the Best-Buy to manage time, though maybe Nintendo could've supplied more WiiU's

Talamak1922d ago

Lol M$ reps heckling people in line...

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