E3 2013: Gears of War: Redux Is Not Coming to PlayStation 4

IGN: Ignore that rumor going around the internet right now: Gears of War: Redux is not a game that's coming to PlayStation 4, and it's not at E3. The convincing image below, which even features the new PSN logo, is a confirmed phony. Never mind the misspelling of the word "trademarked," Epic says the image is fake and no such title exists.

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Godmars2901982d ago

Good: less 1st/3rd person shooters, more - some - Star fox clones!

AngelicIceDiamond1982d ago

Gears Of War what? I missed this what's going on?

Hydrolex1982d ago

Cool, no one gave a single F that day lol

adorie1982d ago

"we would never use that font"


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MRMagoo1231982d ago

I wasnt not aware it was rumored to be coming to the ps4 , if i had known i would have started a twitter campaign like #wedontwantgeowcomingtops4

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HammadTheBeast1982d ago

Haven't pretty much all Xbox fans said that the Gears series has deteriorated every time? What?

Geezus1982d ago

Naw 1-3 were great... Judgement was weak, but i put that on people can fly and the fact that it was a spin off!

CRAIG6671982d ago

Gears 3 has the best multi-player - it's just amazingly intense, for me gears 2 has the best campaign,especially the co-op

humbleopinion1982d ago

Totally agree with CRAIG667 here: Gears 3 multiplayer is so feature rich it's had to compete, but experiencing that Gears 2 campaign for the first time was probably the high point of the series for me.

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Ares84HU1982d ago

They can keep that game. I wish Ryse Son of Rome could come to PS4.

KwietStorm1982d ago

Ryse literally looks good, but the combat is horrible. It almost looked turn based, when it's not.

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The story is too old to be commented.