Batman: Arkham Origins - Top Five Details

Top five details of Batman: Arkham Origins

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FlameHawk2007d ago

Am I the only one not as excited for the game as I was for Arkham Asylum when it first came up, the game is just seems to be getting milked :/.

JunkieJedi2007d ago

You can never have too much of the Dark Knight!

3-4-52007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Batman hasn't been this big maybe ever.

Since 2005 Batman has been "in/cool" again in the mainstream and people are acting on that.

It also helps that they are making actual good games that are quality and not just rushed gimmicks.

Mid 90's batman was cheezy so it's nice to have a cool batman again.

FalconR2892007d ago

Only if you count Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, but the cartoons were super awesome.