Xbox One Achievements

Major Nelson explains what will be different with achievements on the Xbox One. Also, he introduces us to the new Xbox One challenges.

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MrAnderson1925d ago

Nobody will buy one to play to unlock them so it doesn't matter.

oh, and press/game reviewers/let's players don't really count as sales.

drsfinest721925d ago ShowReplies(2)
Agent_hitman1925d ago

These achievements are nonsense if MS didn't change their anti-consumer policy for next gen Xbox..

NameRemoved00171925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

"Developers can release more of them after the game’s initial release (more on that in a bit)."

Can't they do that already by adding DLC?

I feel bad for the small amount of people that are going to buy this horrible console.

alittleshakey1925d ago

Instead of spreading hateful and negative comments towards people that, out of personal interest, want the Xbox One. Go to PS4 blogs and forums and share your happiness and bliss about your favorite console maker Sony. QUIT TROLLING AND GET A LIFE!!!

TheSaint1925d ago

Not everyone who hates The One is a Sony fan, a lot of us are MS fans upset at the new direction.

If you look online you'll see just about every poll on every site has a 90/10 swing in favour of Sony.

To think otherwise is pure ignorance.

alittleshakey1925d ago

I know that the internet is full of Xbox bashing for the time being. I'm saddened that people so quickly turn on an overall good console and online experience. Over being online always?? Really??

UNGR1925d ago

Or they're just the most vocal. To pretend what you said is right would be the real ignorance. That's like EA being the worst company in America. Is it the worst? Hell no. Worst publisher? Yes. But out of all of those companies they were not the worst. But as you can see the most vocal group speaks the most. I would imagine that most of the fans aren't being vocal. It's pre-ordering fairly well, so clearly not everyone is pissed. Facts are facts, you should try to use them more.

JoySticksFTW1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

"I'm saddened that people so quickly turn on an overall good console and online experience. Over being online always?? Really??"

This reasoning is why xbone is where it is right now.

Instead of accepting and settling, fans should have gotten together and protested just like PS4 fans.

Instead it was either "wait until..." or it "doesn't affect me so..."

But it does affect you. Loyal ten year xbox fans are crossing over to the competitor. When you have PS4 totally capturing the mindshare and reportedly the majority of pre-orders, that could be troubling for X1 purchasers because publishers will often chase the larger user base.

Look at WiiU and Vita. Publishers state they won't develop games for these systems until the userbase expands, but that won't happen without more games. That always online bit does affect you, even if you don't see it immediately.

TheSaint1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

It's not just that, for me it's the monopolisation of the second-hand gaming market. The all round money grubbing attitude of MS just doesn't sit well with me.

UNGR1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

We have no clue how the fee will even work, or who it benefits. (Microsoft, or developer) It might be included into Gold subscriptions, it might be extremely cheap. As much as I buy used games I only buy really old games. Buying used games that are within a few months old is nothing but harmful to developers. Most likely this generation you'll see developers just flat out block the resale of their titles. I could do without the fee, but we should wait and see if it's included into Live fees first.

nismo151925d ago

like anyone is going to do what you say..

VonBraunschweigg1925d ago

Don't see it as trolling. Yes we're doing this across multiple websites but we can only do this for a certain period of time (from the day the rumours started untill the day MS drops the restrictions) so it's more like a Challenge, and yes, they can be fun for a while. Just a few more months.

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UNGR1925d ago

Of all the crap they're doing at least this system sounds fantastic.

nismo151925d ago

Yea fantastic if you like doing anything that doesn't require actually playing a game.

UNGR1925d ago

What are you going on about? These achievements are for games. There is some kind of model separate for earning a "badge" of some sort for TV, but the gamer score from games is what's being pushed. And the free achievements they'll be adding to games if developers decide to take advantage. (which they most likely will)

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