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Submitted by JoelT 899d ago | news

Wii U Leads All Platforms in Number of Exclusives at E3, Vita and PC Tied For Least

Joel Taveras writes, "It’s funny how these things work themselves out. Apparently when no one was looking, Nintendo’s Wii U, which has actually been somewhat of an anomaly at E3 this year, is the platform with — by far — the highest number of exclusive titles at the show. No, really." (E3, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

taz8080  +   899d ago
It makes sense since Nintendo loves to focus on their main mascot Mario and pals. The other two consoles are pretty much third party multi platform now.
LOGICWINS  +   899d ago
"Quality over Quantity" comments incoming despite the fact that 95% of the people here haven't played any of these games lol.
JoelT  +   899d ago
Insert "Brace Yourself" meme here.
Wenis  +   899d ago
Not to mention that most Nintendo exclusives are quality games. Its a big reason why 3rd parties don't like Nintendo consoles, too much competition from Nintendo themselves
LOGICWINS  +   899d ago
^^Yeah, Bayonetta 2 looks sick. I'd happily buy a Wii U if it had more games like that and several exclusive JRPGs.
NobodyImportant  +   899d ago
Super Mario 3D world - looked a little samey to all the other 3D marios ...but I'd probably get it (if I had a Wii U) as the main 3D Mario titles are always good and I loved Galaxy.
Smash Bros, looks the same as Melee and Brawl. Not interested at all.
Windwaker - beaten it twice on my Gamecube already. Is the upgrade to HD really so good that it's worth playing through the game a 3rd time? Probably not for me.
Bayonetta 2 - not interested in hack slash, ninja gaiden, God of War stuff.
X looks really good.
What else is there guys? Any big openworld RPGs? Any online co-op/multiplayer games with decent graphics coming out? Not interested in local play.
I guess that isn't the point to Nintendo. It's all about Mario, but it would be good to have some variety.
EDIT: I'm asking genuinely. Not trying to put anyone's back up.
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ShinMaster  +   899d ago
Wind Waker HD without cel-shading? dafuq

New Mario game looks EXACTLY like Mario 3D Land on 3DS, which means it'll probably be way too easy and-short (first hand experience).

Wii Fit is not even a game.

Otherwise, things are looking good.
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showtimefolks  +   899d ago
yeh but how many of them actually coming out in 2013 is the biggest question, its amazing how badly nintendo planned for wiiu. Launch with a confusing name and don't have many games

sony and ms atleats showed a lot of games coming in 2013, also some of the better games aren't even coming to wiiu

titanfall an impressive exclusive

anything that's not coming to wiiu is exclusive for ms and sony lol, UBI the strongest supporter of wiiu have even said they are scaling back

MGS5 the best looking game i have seen to date, i was amazed how great it looks

how come nintendo keep making the same IP's and its fine but if sony or ms make one too many gears of god of war than its milking the franchises, Nintendo has been milking their Ip's for 2 plus decades
Dgander  +   899d ago
There is actually at least one Nintendo exclusive releasing every month from now until next year. Six games in six months. They were not shown at this Nintendo direct but they were shown in ones before. By the time all those games are released it will be 2014.
showtimefolks  +   899d ago

really i am sorry i didn't know that, wiiu is a very good system missing what matters most and that's games, since 3rd party publishers have pretty much left wiiu high and dry its time for nintendo to give it the proper support it deserves

its still mind boggling to think nintendo didn't plan out better when they saw ps3 struggle so much without much software support for first few years
Dgander  +   899d ago
@showtimefolks You dont have to apologize. 3rd parties abandoned the Wii U. There seem to only be 12 announced 3rd party games so far that was announced and the only only ones im getting are Watch Dogs and Arkham Origins. Might get AC and Rayman but it depends on how i feel. However Iwata did say there are more unannounced 3rd party games that they will announce in later Nintendo directs but i still dont think it will be as much. I expect to see more 3rd party support when sales pick up later this year.
ChickeyCantor  +   899d ago
"f sony or ms make one too many gears of god of war than its milking the franchises, "

It's the counter argument to those who make the claims about Nintendo to begin with.

It's to point out that every successful franchise will have more.
Triforce079  +   899d ago
X killed it and its open world i mean seamless open world.

Plus in this 13 game list there missing Smashbros,and lots of eshop games but most of them are on steam as well but that's pc,so you can add at least another 13 titles to that list.

Then u have the best versions of games like Splintercell blacklist and Batman origins ect so i suppose if your talking only on nextgen consoles then you can add a few more as well.
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gregory12ragsdale   899d ago | Spam
ATi_Elite  +   899d ago
E3 is NOT a PC expo.

E3 is ALL about the Consoles and very little PC ONLY product is at E3.

E3 = NO Valve No Blizzard No Bohemia Interactive NO CCP Games etc.

Wait until Gamescon and you will see PC Exclusives GALORE.

Besides I already have plans for 15 plus PC Exclusives for the rest of 2013 that have yet to release like Total War Rome 2, DayZ Standalone, etc..
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PurpHerbison  +   898d ago
I know you don't like me, and hell I don't like you either but can you elaborate a little on that 15+? I am honestly curious and want to know if anything interests me from your list.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   899d ago
What they had looked good,I just wished we got to see the new zelda!
Qrphe  +   899d ago
PC has the least number of E3. What a big deal, the truth is the total opposite of that.
LOGICWINS  +   899d ago
Agree wholeheartedly.
JoelT  +   899d ago
Weird, that was written in January, and completely unrelated to what's being shown on the show floor at E3 2013.
LOGICWINS  +   899d ago
Yeah, most of the games on that list were probably announced in 2012. So the real figure of exclusive 2013 PC releases might really be closer to 90-100 when you factor in PC games coming in 2013 that were announced AFTER this list was created.
aquamala  +   899d ago
and the way they count it PS4 only has 5 exclusives, 2 vs 5 a big difference?
stragomccloud  +   899d ago
The advantage of being able to self publish on PC. PC FTW.
BuffMordecai  +   899d ago
PS4 WiiU ftw.
porkChop  +   899d ago
Who the hell made this chart? According to this chart there are only 5 Vita games on the show floor, when in fact there are 37 Vita games being shown across 82 Vita stations. Seriously. If you're going to make some "official" list, then fucking do it right you jackass.
SonyPS4  +   899d ago
Someone's mad...
porkChop  +   899d ago
When someone flat-out lies to make a platform look bad? It's annoying. For them to claim how many games are being shown for each platforms, it means they actually went to see all the games and platforms on the show floor. So they would have known there's more than 5.

This list doesn't even include The Walking Dead even though it's on the show floor and the Vita version was specifically talked about at the Sony conference.

I mean when this list is talking about how many exclusives each platform has, yet is missing almost 90% of the games for a platform, then how can it be given any credibility? How can it be taken seriously?
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mydyingparadiselost  +   899d ago
Sorry, wrong place for comment :]
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porkChop  +   899d ago
No. The chart lists all games for all platforms and counts the exclusives. It says there were only 5 Vita games on the show floor when there are actually 37.
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TheDivine  +   899d ago
I love my vita but Sony is flopping harder than the dreamcast (it actually had games). P4 is great but come the best game on the system is a last gen port. I'm disappointed. 3ds gets a dozen Nintendo exclusives, SMT4, Devil Survivor 2 Code Break, Project X Zone, a friggin sequel to A Link to the Past, Mario and Luigi Dream Team, MH4, exc and vita gets psn arcade ports. The only games announced are ps2 GOW ports, walking dead port, a flower port, and another KZ we're in trouble.

Where's Demons Souls for vita, FF Type-0, Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, GOW, Syphon Filter, Infamous, MGS, a new Persona, SMT games (those are all on 3ds I suppose), Tales, another Uncharted, AC, Red Dead, GTA, Ni No Kuni vita exc. Pretty disappointed.
Firan  +   899d ago
Syphon Filter games were pretty fun for PSP. Gotta wonder why Sony hasn't made one for Vita.
TongkatAli  +   899d ago
Ys is coming this year
Triforce079  +   899d ago
Stop whining is the vita still alive ????? hahahaha
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   899d ago
Multi console owners FTW
ninjahunter  +   899d ago
$1250 later... And $110 a year...
XD might be a fine time to pick and choose.
Once you buy some extra controllers and games...

BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   899d ago
Thank god I'm a big boy with a good job so I don't have to "pick and choose"
Realplaya  +   899d ago
Who hear would like to see Monolith Soft do the next Metroid?

Imagine Metroid open world.
Dgander  +   899d ago
Nah I rather see them help with a new Zelda. They should also work on some more jrpgs and revive the genre in the west.
Dj7FairyTail  +   899d ago
they help with Skyward Sword and Brawl so Shulk can be in. Pretty sure they will help with Zelda with the rpg elements
Kevlar009  +   899d ago
Nintendo should keep doing what they're doing. Keep the in-house and Retro on the core franchises, let the "good friends" like Platinum* and Monolith work on the new IP's

Nintendo does best when they release a constant stream of their core franchises with a supporting cast of great 2nd party titles
Triforce079  +   899d ago
Retro have basically said yesterday in a tweet they are planning Metroid Universe.
Loadedklip  +   899d ago
I normally buy all consoles ... this time I will probably stick with PS4 (for multiplatforms) and Wii U (for my Nintendo adapter)

Titan Fall looks incredible but not enough to get me to sell my soul to what Microsoft is trying to put us thru.
MEsoJD  +   899d ago
I'll be getting Titan Fall on pc :D
MasterD919  +   899d ago
Dead Rising 3 has me itching as well...but I feel it will most likely land on PS4 eventually.

Hell, Sony got the entire Mass Effect trilogy and ME1 was an Xbox Exclusive. Anything is possible. I do wonder why they punish gamers though and don't push for more multi-platform releases...Seems like there is an opportunity there to make the same, if not more money by expanding your market, rather than being limited to a single console.
Triforce079   899d ago | Trolling | show
ThatsGaming  +   899d ago
Wii always does...

75% exclusive shovelware...

25% Nintendo quality exclusives...
thaimasker  +   899d ago
Yeah Wii but not any other nintendo console...including Wii U
cunnilumpkin  +   899d ago
pc has more exclusives and given year than ps3/360/wii/wii/vita/ps4/xboxo ne combined

this trend will continue
Kevlar009  +   899d ago
Nintendo is going with the strategy that made the Wii and now 3DS successful, which is do most of the work themselves. When everyone else dismisses them they come out swinging with kick ass titles we all love and respect.
Not to take away from the other companies, but you really gotta give Nintendo credit for their tenacity and determination
ninjahunter  +   899d ago
Lol, well of course PC had no exclusives at E3, Microsoft had an event for xbox, sony had their even and nintendo had theirs. PC does not have a sole leader and such no one to represent it at event.

PC didnt even show up practically.
cheetah  +   899d ago
Doesn't include all the Ps4 Indie games. If Minecraft is down for XBOX then everything should be included.
urwifeminder  +   899d ago
Well done Nintendo that Mario cart will sell like hot cakes virtual crack for some.
MegaLagann  +   899d ago
Man going into E3 I had zero interest in a new Mario Kart. Wii and 7 didn't do anything for me. I was more excited for the new 3D Mario and Retro's game but coming out of it i'm more excited for Mario Kart than those two. The tracks look great, the online looks neat and the visuals. I really don't care about graphics but damn this game looks good, which is surprising considering Mario Kart games have always been known for not looking the best. Pleasantly surprised at how excited I am for it...and disappointed at it being a 2014 title.
Triforce079  +   899d ago
In the uk people still play mariokart on snes and ds,so yeah in the uk MK8 will be more popular than COD that's for sure we love it over here Mariokart that is....
Firan  +   899d ago
Yeah they announced the same type of games that they announced for 3DS when it was doing badly. Mainly 3D Mario and Mario Kart. While they might not be system sellers for me, those games might have a great impact on sales just like 3DS ones had.
MegaLagann  +   899d ago
Not really surprising. The other consoles while having no exclusives no doubt, don't depend on them like Nintendo does.
nerdkiller  +   899d ago
nintendo should just call their consoles the mario machine
pedroyamato   899d ago | Spam
Mikefizzled  +   899d ago
Whilst that seems to be true MS and Sony pushed the boat out on new IPs like The Order 1886, Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive. Whereas Nintendo have the Wonderful 101.
BATRA  +   899d ago
bobacdigital  +   899d ago
Pretty much every report is saying that the Mario 3D World plays differently than 3D Land.. Granted they used it as a starting point there are several people who dont own a 3DS that havent had that experience yet..

To me personally I love everything they showed at E3, had they not had a direct about what games were coming and just announced all these games I think people would be a little more impressed about what happened (excluding stream issues).. I was a little down about Retro not doing starfox or metroid.. but DK looks really good.

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