A Tale of Two Sonys

PixlBit | "Sony’s E3 press conference Monday night was striking for a lot of reasons, but the greatest contrast of all wasn’t between Sony and Microsoft. It was between Sony and itself."

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KingWookiee1985d ago

MS is turning into the Sony from the PS3 launch. They are going in cocky thinking no matter what they say/do people will still buy there product. Hopefully MS will learn from there mistakes like Sony has.

Garbanjo0011985d ago

Yeah, not be stupid in 10 years. Check, got it. Start studying MS, I know that Sony is doing a balls awesome job so far, so . . . get out the pen and paper and start taking some notes.

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izumo_lee1985d ago

The absolutely mind blowing thing about what Microsoft is doing is that they have no business being that cocky. Sony sold 150 million consoles! They earned that right to be cocky. On the other hand other than the US the Xbox360 didn't really conquer the industry.

So to me it is mind boggling why Microsoft is doing something like this. It simply doesn't make much sense. Is all that money that they have blinding them from seeing what is most important. Consumer relations?

NatureOfLogic1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

It's clear that MS can't handle the success of a console like Sony or Nintendo has for many gens. I don't know what made MS think that they could come into the games industry and have one successful console(which still sold the least), then bully the industry like they own it. Sony and Nintendo have done way more for gaming than MS. They simply don't have any right to make industry changing decisions by themselves.

MegaLagann1985d ago

Pretty much, the reason Sony and Nintendo we're cocky was because in both their respective times (NES/SNES era and PS1/PS2 era) they were gaming. Nothing could touch them. But Microsoft? Halo was the only thing that saved the original Xbox and the 360 was popular in the US, but everywhere else it was either Sony or Nintendo. So Microsoft being this cocky doesn't make sense. I guess it's just the third console curse.

SpinalRemains1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Turning into?

They surpassed SONY's last Gen arrogance at the reveal alone ten fold.

What Xbox One is doing is absolutely unprecedented and downright deplorable.

There is no other way to put it really.

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spacetoilet1985d ago

I like what they had to say! But I'm still not sure why William Shatner was delivering the message. His laugh was annoying.

PositiveEmotions1985d ago

Is it me or the guy in the pic was nervous and unhappy at the sony conference? Same with the guy after him.

Bathyj1985d ago

Jack Tretton? Are you serious. No offense but I think its just you. The guy is a great speaker.

I thought you might have been talking about the grave looking guy who was talking about the music service, he was not a good speaker at all.

NatureOfLogic1985d ago

He said that people tweeted him and said that he looked happy at the event, so I believe it's just you.

S2Killinit1985d ago

I don't think the current Microsoft we see is anything like The Sony of PS3. In fact I think this Microsoft is been long in the pipeline. What you see is the Microsoft the way it does business in every other area of the company. Sony on the other hand simply made mistakes in behavior not in principle. Microsoft's corrent war on gamers is inherent in the company policy, it effects every aspect of their behavior and decisions, whereas Sony's price point, or its self important statements were simply calculation errors.

NameRemoved00171985d ago

The Ps4 was so expensive because of the blu ray player, if you were in the market for one you bought a ps4 no questions asked because it was one of the cheapest ones.

JoeReno1985d ago

@hd, i think you mean PS3

Williamson1985d ago

The ps4 will be the first console I get day one! Im really excited about many things for the ps4. From the way it looks, the controller, remote play, and the games among others.

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