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Forza 5 Details: No Weather or Night Racing, Full Autovista Support

We have some new details on Forza Motorsport 5. (Forza Motorsport 5, Xbox One)

Neoninja  +   779d ago
Wow! I love Forza, I know Turn 10 works darn hard on the games, but darn it at this point they should have night racing at the very least. There is no excuse not to have it now. I was all set to buy this day one, but I'll wait a bit to see if they implement it at a later date!
Very bitter sweet feeling right now about Forza 5.
Aceman18  +   778d ago
words can not describe the utter fail that this is next gen with better and powerful hardware.

there should be no reason that this game doesnt have night racing, or a day/night cycle. the gaming media better rip them for this.
Yi-Long  +   778d ago
I'm sure they'll include it....
... AFTER the game is launched, as downloadable content you'll have to pay extra for.

I think the Forza games are absolutely fantastic, but I didn't bother picking up Forza 4 or Horizon because of Turn 10's DLC-milking.
Aceman18  +   778d ago

You know that would not surprise me Lol. I would love to hear T10 excuse for them not having it in a next gen game.
Jakens  +   773d ago
If any game (besides Gears) milks DLC it's Forza.
BABY-JEDI  +   778d ago
I think it's purely all about getting the game out for launch. They obviously can do a lot more, but to miss the XBone launch would be a BIG disappointment for the fans.
Jakens  +   773d ago
I'm a fan and I want a finished game please.
Kalowest  +   779d ago
WTF... That's a deal breaker, I was really hyped for this game :(
izumo_lee  +   779d ago
Really? Seriously!? A game called Gran Turismo 3 made over 10 years ago had night racing & wet roads. How in this day & age with advanced tech that a game of Forza's caliber is unable to do things a 10 year old game did!

Fans of Forza should be upset cause racing in night & weather is part of the hazards of racing. It makes the experience that much more exciting.
chcolatesnw  +   778d ago
because its easy to apply a night theme and slippery track. i hate it when people put it like that. "well a game 50 years ago had this crap why can't this one do it". because they can't just make the track look wet, they gotta make it feel wet too, which involves a whole lot of physics and probably days/weeks/months of testing on each type of car. also just making it night doesn't work like it did in your GT3, tho it's still relatively unadvanced. you gotta have different lighting effects which should be relatively easy to do.
claudionmc  +   778d ago
So are you saying that they cannot do what Sony did in GT6? with a hardware of 2006 and 256mb of video memory?

I think that rain and/or night features wouldn't be possible in xbox one at 1080p and 60fps... that would explain this
chcolatesnw  +   778d ago
"So are you saying that they cannot do what Sony did in GT6? with a hardware of 2006 and 256mb of video memory?"

YES, I completely agree with that argument. Why cant they do on 8x more powerful hardware when PD did.
But to compare to GT3 like the guy above said where rain would have no impact other than visual, or maybe the car would slide here and there. GT6 rain, I have no idea actually, but Im guessing will affect how the car/tires/traction and pretty much everything works. So yes, comparing to GT6 they have no reason not to do it. It sucks tho because I might still have to shell out 500$ just to play it. I love the Forza franchise and since theres no GT6/7 that I can play on PS4 soon after launch, and seeing how DriveClub is arcade/30fps, I might have to shell that money out so that I can fill up on my racing simulation with good visual needs.
The_Infected  +   779d ago
Well Driveclub it is. I liked Forza 5 from what I seen but after hearing this I am not interested anymore.
JohnS1313  +   778d ago
Make sure you have PS Plus and you'll get Driveclub for free at launch.
iCanHazCheez  +   778d ago
Don't let that fool you, it will have less tracks and less cars, don't forget that people!!!

But €60 is worth it.
Jakens  +   773d ago
Driveclub will be everywhere.
aaron5829  +   778d ago
hmmm..even need for speed rivals has weather.... oh t10... sigh...
Riderz1337  +   778d ago | Funny
All that cloud and no rain?

(I stole this comment).
aaron5829  +   778d ago
funny nonetheless..
badz149  +   778d ago
it's a sunny day I guess
all game long, no RAIN! and it's set on Planet Venus too, where daylight last for a whooping 117 earth days!

wait...that can't be right, because there's rain on Venus. Acid rain and thunderstorm.

(space geek mode ON)
Walker   778d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
level 360  +   778d ago
Sony still got to push PS3 specs by adding new aerodynamic engine to make physics of car even better for GT6.

Seriously think hard about that. On a now old console.

Turn10 simply relegated their priorities on graphics I believe on Forza5.
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MikeyDucati1  +   778d ago
They still not putting weather on Forza? Tsk Tsk Tsk...c'mon now...that should have been in the game. At least for the fans who waited long and expected it to be on next gen consoles...
Shadow Flare  +   778d ago
Only 5gb DDR3 for games will be restrictive. Restrictions, a common theme for Xbone

But maybe the OS can handle night and weather effects
GamersHeaven  +   778d ago
But I thought the power of the clouds was infinite.
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A7XEric  +   778d ago
Normally I would care, but I know a lot of times devs have to cut corners and crunch to get games ready for a new console launch. If this type of stuff wasn't in the next entry then there's cause for concern.
JohnS1313   778d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
WeAreLegion  +   778d ago
They're probably restricted by time.
Gamer-40   778d ago | Trolling | show
OrionNoctis  +   778d ago
i remember the heat GT series got from Forza fans due to no damage...karma is funny...lol
Indo  +   778d ago
No weather? I thought the XBone has the cloud for that.
badz149  +   778d ago
the cloud is somewhere else
that's why you got no rain! LOL
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Jakens  +   773d ago
I have read that the cloud is not really there in the first place.

Still damn pissed. (This isn't rain)

However, I'll be one of those first in line to buy any car with a cloud gaming joke on the side.
PirateThom  +   778d ago
If you want the definition of a rushed game, this is it. It is, literally, being rushed to get it ready for Bone launch. I don't blame Turn 10, but Microsoft have made so many stupid decisions it makes sense they'd send their flagship racer to die.
Jakens  +   773d ago
"flagship racer to die."

PGR5 comes out next year sir.
PR_FROM_OHIO   778d ago | Trolling | show
P_Bomb  +   778d ago
This surprises me, to be honest. It's next gen. What better time to get that monkey off their back?
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