Sponsor E3 2013: Final Fantasy Producer Asks If People Want Modern Turn-Based Games

oprainfall writes: "Throughout much of the history of Final Fantasy, the core combat of the majority of the series has relied on the Active Time Battle system; a combat system based around selection menu commands to fight, cast spells, use items, and perform any other action that the player’s party is capable of without actually taking direct control of a character. However, more recent entries have shied away from this system in one way or another, with games such as Final Fantasy XII, XIV, and now XV all electing for different, increasingly action-driven approaches. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII represents an even stranger departure that mixes elements of real-time action combat with the ATB system.

It was during a presentation on Lightning Returns that producer Yoshinori Kitase posited a question to reporter Jeremy Parish of US Gamer: “I’d like to know, would you want to see a turn-based command style return?” "

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Snookies121959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

It would be interesting to see it go back to turn-based these days. I certainly wouldn't be opposed.

dedicatedtogamers1959d ago

It really depends, doesn't it? I think these sort of games work really, really well on handhelds and to a lesser extent PC, but console gamers seem to want action.

Maybe as a downloadable title? idk.

3-4-51958d ago

Why not both ?

Either parts of the game are both types or 2 separate games being of each type.

Donnieboi1958d ago

Persona 3 and 4 are modern, do turnbased--and are still amazing for it.

Need4Game1958d ago


"Final Fantasy Dimensions"

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Godmars2901959d ago

Well, its either that, or bash the guy's head in. And since he's not right in front of me...

Ashlen1959d ago

I would love a traditional FF game. White Mage Black Mage Fighter Thief game. Also a return to Ivalice would be awesome.

Hadoukameha1959d ago

Ivalice, indeed. I want to also see the connection between FF7 and FF10 expanded upon.

HammadTheBeast1959d ago

I'd assume so.

All the best Final Fantasy games were turn based.

Zichu1958d ago

I wouldn't say the best FF's were turn-based. I quite enjoyed the ATB, CTB and ADB systems.

Those systems were quite fluid.

People say they want to go back to Turn-Based, but those were in the first 3 FF's and in FF: The 4 Heroes of Light.

Everything else moved to a Time-Based system which really was better.

HammadTheBeast1958d ago

By turn based I also meant the time ones, for example, 7,8,9.

1959d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.