Sony Abandons the Fighting Genre?

Microsoft and Nintendo both have confirmed fighters for next-gen consoles...Sony does not. With no talk of games in development when will we see the 1st fighting game on the Ps4?

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gamer422011d ago

Are you serious? Just because they didn't show any at E3 doesn't mean they're abandoning it.

Snookies122011d ago

Yeah, not to mention the creator of Blazblue and Guilty Gear has said that they're working on a PS4 fighter... -_-

Also, as of now, Blazblue Chrono Phantasma has only been slated to come out for PS3.

So no, they have not abandoned the fighting game genre.

jonboi242010d ago

I assume the new Guilty Gear will probably make its way to the PS4, plus there's still TGS and GamesCon.

shoddy2010d ago

You all know new Tekken and street frighter is coming.
I look forward to the new playstation all star

ChozenWoan2010d ago

Not to mention that Tekken Revolution was released Tuesday as a F2P game.

Some sites need to do their due diligence before they go spouting off dribble.

abzdine2010d ago

there will always be people complaining about something..
Remember Tekken Revolution just released on june 11th exclusively on PS3, so what do you call that? and there has been a rumor about a PS All Star sequel so i'm happy about this. Great time to be Sony PlayStation fan

Greatness awaits

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dedicatedtogamers2011d ago

Exactly. BlazBlue and Street Fighter 4 (both released 2009, 3 years after the start of last gen) weren't even announced until 2007 or 2008, if I'm remembering it correctly.

In this day and age, you don't necessarily herald in the new generation by showing off fighting games. That's just how it is.

Akuma2K2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Your right about the timeframe, also capcom said in so many words that we won't see Streetfighter 5 for a couple years or something like that after PS4 launches (this was mentioned i think a week or two after the PS4 reveal back in february).

Garbanjo0012010d ago

They just didn't have anything to show off. I'm glad they didn't, (well it would've been competition to . . .) Killer Instinct (FTP). Know what they did to Killer Instinct? One of my favorite games and long waited returning titles? They made it to where you play as Jago starting, and you have to buy the characters. They made Killer Instinct a gimmick, saying "we listened to you, heres the game, but we didn't really want to do it . . . so we're making it free." Bullshit.

Fireseed2010d ago

You do know that you can buy the full version with all the characters right? And that the version that you're describing is the demo. If you wanna play online as Sabrewulf and Sabrewulf alone, save yourself 60$ and just buy him. Personally I think the FTP model would suit fighting games very well. Being a long time LoL player, I'd love to see some of my favorite fighting games get new characters every week. Not sure why people are all up in arms over FTP, either they're looking for pathetic ways to excuse their hatred of something. Or they haven't seen the benefits of a FTP game.

SignifiedSix912010d ago

What do yo mean? The demo features only jago and may buy characters if you wish to have the full game. They'll have a full release.

Garbanjo0012010d ago

I don't mind FTP. and I agree about fighting games being FTP. I just think that Killer Instinct is so much more than that. I want the game, I want to smell the disk. THAT is a game to me. Downloading is cool, and in another time in another future digital games will be the only way we get games. I just didn't want to hear that news about Killer Instinct because I love that game dude.

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Tody_ZA2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

What a strange, silly and sensationalist article.

1) Sony cannot abandon a genre. That's factually impossible, considering all it takes is the next Street Fighter or Tekken or anything to put a fighter on the PS4.

2) Aside from Killer Instinct, I don't really recall fighting games being shown at E3. It most likely means that no fighting game is ready yet. Means wait for GamesCom or later announcements.

3) The Blazblue and Guilty Gear creator is developing a PS4 fighter.

4) E3 doesn't reveal ALL games that are being developed on the consoles.


Dj7FairyTail2010d ago

Uh Sony PlayStation Allstars. Fighters as in first party.

Blankolf2010d ago

LOOOOOOOOOOL And the award for most ridiculous title ever goes to.... Jeff Harris that reminds us the only games a console has are the ones they show at E3, nevermind the fact that they showed 40 of their 140 games in production and also Tekken, let us all forget that ;)

shaft01402010d ago

Exactly. Some of these opinions/headlines are ridiculously absurd and extreme.

Tito082010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

This is why I never pay attention to game journalism, this is one stupid and ridiculous article. Tekken, while not exclusive and is owned by Namco, is for the most part the Playstation's flaship fighting game franchise. To put matters more interesting, Sony never had a fighting game until PSA, but they used to publish the first and second Bloody Roar, King Of Fighters 95, Battle Arena Tonshiden, Bushido Blade, and had SF EX as exclusive.

This is why people like this journalist and the one with the low Last Of Us review likes to go on the opposite side so they could get hits and views, sort of like an attention seeker, which to me is very unproffessional on so many levels, whether the general public sees something positive or negative, these so called "jounalists" want to go the opposite way so they can get attention, never do research, they curse, always misinformed,say weird ass words that, they look at gamers as stupid consumers thst fall into anything, all I do is look at the headline, look at the website that posted it, but not gonna read, know their tricks.

WolfOfDarkness2010d ago

Ofcourse The next Street Fighter will be on PS4 .

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FullmetalAlchemist2011d ago

Sony didn't announce a fighting game? They're DOOMED, DOOMED , DOOMED!

gamer422011d ago

The doom articles have started? Well, that was fast!

Hellsvacancy2011d ago

Well, 1 negative article out of 1000 positive articles isnt bad

Blankolf2010d ago

I sense a strong sarcasm on this one...

jc485732011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Oh no wonder there was a rumor going around that Sony wanted to revive Bloody Roar, but this time as a publisher I believe. Sony did publish the first two Bloody Roar games. Maybe they are in the talks of buying the IP from Konami? or collaboration?

This is going to be off topic, but I think Infamous can be turned into some kind of multiplayer game......not necessarily a fighting game. Kinda like Phantom Dust maybe. The main character for Second Son reminds me so much of Kyo Kusanagi from King of Fighters.

fardan852010d ago

I hope to see a new Bloody Roar title..
I had tons of fun with Bloody Roar..

Hufandpuf2011d ago

Imagine MVC3 with next gen graphics. Then I think I'd really have a seizure.

pr0t0typeknuckles2011d ago

well sony doesnt have one now but they will eventually,blazblue and a potential all stars sequel is very likely,besides they dont really need one at the moment.

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