CliffyB Video Interview : Gears of War 2 Concept, Will be 'Buckets' of Blood, Miyamoto and more

Check out this great exclusive interview with the maker of Gears of War, CliffyB.

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decapitator3768d ago

I think its safe to say that, Gears of War 2 might be right up there with Ninja Gaiden 3 in terms of blood. Good stuff.

NO_PUDding3768d ago

He seems like such an idiot.

How sycophantic to claim someone as your inspiration, when your game is blatantly not inspred by it at all. His game is inspired by the restraints the UE gave him.

His game is fun, very short, but fun. And the mutliplayer is monotonous. And so is the artistic direction (UE).

He just basically lacks tons of qualities to be able to have anything to do with Miyamoto apart from the false sense of granduer they both have. And so I am not having bubbles detracted from me AGAIN, for being a 'fanboy', do guess who on Sony's side is worse? David Jaffe. And even worse is Quantic Dreams' David Cage. Argh... developers these days.

power of Green 3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Stop trolling biatch theres no such thing as Ninja Gaiden 3.

Cliff does his part when it comes to showing not all gamers are angry anti social gothic fanatics(Anime lovin PlayStation rabids).

I wonder if the interviewer is aware her little lady isn't hidden from view at all times.

Obama3767d ago

And what are you PoW? RRod raging redneck?

I am not denying that ninja gaiden 2 will be a good game here.

Danja3767d ago

Maybe he fears that NG3 will also be on the PS3....

gambare3767d ago

you are truly an ignorant fanboy, there IS a NG3

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Antonio_Mex3768d ago

I can see why everybody likes him, his a very down to earth type of guy, I hope he brings Gears of War 3 to the PS3, and him along with Ted Price should hang around, they are both really cool.

ah and by the way, I think they like each other, they look like they were kind of flirting, well sort of.

KidMakeshift3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

"I'm Cliffy B! I'm so awesome! Look at meet cause I'm Cliffy B. I take all the credit cause I'm AWESOME! Hey guys, isn't my game SWEET! It's the best game ever dog!"

I'd rather have Ubisoft skull f*cking Jade Raymond into our eye sockets than having to see or listen to "CliffyB's" gloating

Anything but Cute3768d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Maybe it's that he's responsible for the best XBOX 360 game.

Or maybe it's that I still have that imagine stuck in my head of him with that c*cky smirk on his face, with that boy band haircut and ear ring.

probably both.

TurdStationPee3765d ago

f*ck you. cliffy is a great man. show some respect for one of the greatest designers in the industry.

Danja3767d ago

Cliffy ..can't that the arrogant ways

GeOW2 will just be a marginal upgrade over the 1st one....yeh there gonna have more than six enemies on screen and better water effects..and more blood.....woot what a sequel...

gEnKiE3767d ago

ya, like a ball of meat....

TurdStationPee3765d ago

stupid fanboys much? Gears 2 brings plenty more to the table. How can you claim something so fanboyishly stupid while anticipating mediocre sequels to resistance and krapzone 2? idiots. everything on PS3 this year is another mediocre sequel. stupid fanboys.

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The story is too old to be commented.