Neverwinter Interview with Cryptic Studios [Capsule Computers]

Author Joshua Moris of Capsule Computers writes:

"The free-to-play MMORPG title – Neverwinter – has seen a growing community since its open beta in April while reaching towards its official launch date on June 20th. Capsule Computers was able to reach the development team at Cryptic Studios to gain further knowledge regarding the expanding MMORPG."

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Subby1950d ago

I only ever played the original Neverwinter Nights, which was awesome. Felt like a world with no hope...which isn't common these days.

Subby1950d ago

Derp, except this is about D&D..

nato251950d ago

How am I gonna get time to play all these games :(

masterabbott1950d ago

i heard that there are too many ads within the game that make it very annoying plus it doesnt really have a true d&d feel to it.