Was It A Good Idea For Mirror's Edge 2 To Go Open World?

The original Mirror's Edge had a certain charm to it, and that charm may be erased by an open-world environment. Is this really a good plan for the IP?

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JoGam1987d ago

Yes. The World will be the play ground.

dedicatedtogamers1987d ago

Agreed. This is the same reason why I'm excited for open-world Metal Gear Solid. Give us a playground! In the case of both Mirror's Edge and MGS, people obviously like the core gameplay, so why not give us a big open area to experiment and have fun? That's something I liked about Skate (when EA still made those games) because you could do your tricks wherever/whenever.

Hufandpuf1987d ago

I think since there's a good chance that the game may not have multiplayer, the appeal of the game would last longer with an open world environment, and a great way to showcase the different things you can do in the enviroment, and not to mention more creative freedom for the team.

AngelicIceDiamond1987d ago

Doubt it. Open world is probably just another means of putting players into it.

Trust me, it will be MP.

Wenis1987d ago

Open world games are my favorite genre, but I can see how some people are a bit weary of changing up the formula from the original. Im cautiously optimistic I guess.. actually the thing im more worried about is the art direction lol, from the trailer it had that stupid BF3 dark-blue tint to it. Seriously why is DICE so obsessed with that shit.

Donnieboi1987d ago

Batman Arkham series went open world and that worked just fine. Oh, but i'm sure n4g users make for better game designers than seasoned veterans like DICE, huh?

Outside_ofthe_Box1987d ago

Open World is never a bad idea.

urwifeminder1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Open world is killing gaming for me I just cant be bothered going on 70 fetch quests to find things I do like some of them but I have not finished very many at all too much to do at once I cant decide and do nothing at all ha sad but true.

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