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VGR: I have seen levels recreated in the style of Limbo, Geometry Wars Evolved fully recreated, a functional piano made, and even a turn-based combat RPG made with cut-scenes developed to make an original story.

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US8F1986d ago

Ok, I'm not going to buy an xbox one but I got to give credit where it's do. This game is amazing, it wowed me when I first saw the demonstration.

US8F1986d ago

It's coming on PC, I'm so happy I'll buy it

fermcr1986d ago

Saw the presentaion and looks interesting.

from the beach1986d ago

This thing blows my mind every time I see it..

Darth Gamer1986d ago

I also am interested in this game. Being an art teacher, I am very excited about the possibilities this game can bring to the table.

What I have been wondering also ever since E3, is what the hell happened to Media Molecules new project that they showed at sony's reveal months ago. That project realy got me excited. Does anyone know anything new on that project?