FleshEatingZipper | E3 2013: 'Thief' Will Probably Piss Off Longtime Fans, But That's Probably Ok

FleshEatingZipper writes: The Thief series is a very sentimental set of games for a very passionate group of gamers. A once exclusive to the PC, the games redefined the stealth genre from the first person perspective, adding shades of horror and incredible immersion. Now nearly a decade since the last game, gaming has changed and Thief is changing along with it, but it's for better or worse depending on how flexible your appreciation for the series is.

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Mr_Nuts2011d ago

It's never ok to p*** off old time fans, it's bad enough they can't rid of Stephen Russell and are rebooting it despite him still having a mechanical eye, yet the clock tower is still there...gah it's confusing.

Everytime a game changes from what made it great and loved it ends up being a generic <insert genre> game, average at best or great but would be better as a new IP since it's so different.

CrossingEden2011d ago

when DON'T longtime fans get pissed off at something, they are the worst of the worst and quite frankly, longtime fans ruin a lot of things for me because they take what they like way too seriously and are WAY too afraid to give new things a chance and if they do it will be something that contradicts what they were saying before, i.e. final fantasy fanboys for the last three years that sony should go back to their roots, only to jizz their pants and defend the living crap out of final fantasy 15 which is nothing like a classic final fantasy game

flipflopfacts2011d ago

like Infamous or maybe Dante?

But I do a agree about Final Fantasy 15.

Maybe not every fanbase is the same?

CrossingEden2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

exactly like with infamous and dante -_- its so annoying, since when are cocky protagonist who are relatable and more realistic personality and appearance wise a bad thing

ScepticTankAvenger2011d ago

I'm a longtime fan. Not pissed off at all actually. I enjoy change when it can be exciting.