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E3 2013: Why Did Bungie's 'Destiny' PS4 Presentation Keep Glitching Out? You'd Be Surprised Why...

FleshEatingZipper writes: "You can hear some pretty amazing things at E3 if you're in the right spot. For example, I got to overhear why Bungie's Destiny presentation at Sony's PlayStation conference kept having to resort to magic tricks to cover glitches in the game. This was especially troubling after the failure of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed IV demo that continually froze on-stage. Only thing is: these weren't glitches. Let me explain what happened." (Destiny, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Nitrowolf2   658d ago | Spam
Qrphe  +   658d ago
>dat format

At least they gave us a full-page link

Funny I never noticed hmmm.
r21  +   657d ago
Same here. Seemed like a smooth reveal.
SolidStoner  +   657d ago
I saw it live, and I remember that AC4 frozen... 100% sure!


and then after a while destiny had small issues..

but I dont see any problem in that... 90% of press conferences have some issues...

just because beta game frozen on beta console, doesn't mean anything for us gamers... it just means that sony has to deal with this issue, and I think that is no problem for them..
I am not worrying about that one.. but it sure is some sort of problem...
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FrightfulActions  +   658d ago
Did anyone else pick up a small freeze when they used the 'Ghost'?

Other than that I didn't notice glitching, personally.
Queasy  +   658d ago
I noticed a small freeze at the beginning when the second player joined the party but really nothing after.
pimpschitz  +   657d ago
The only thing I saw was that the guy in the back brought out the ghost, and the guy in front looked like he had never played the game before cause a) he wandered off into darkness, and b) he died during the demo.

It did slow down a little at the very beginning right after they met up to go inside the wall. But these games are still new and shit happens on stage. I know because i'm a musician. That's the only proof I have.
Doctor_Freeman  +   657d ago
I noticed it, you can especially tell when they got quiet for a few seconds when the second player couldn't join and in the dark with the ghost like they didn't know what to do. Thankfully (happens sometimes with games) everything returned to normal and it turned out to be a great presentation.
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BattleAxe  +   657d ago
Its because the PS4 is too powerful for this game :D
Hufandpuf  +   658d ago
Hopefully it wasn't the PS4 causing the glitching because the AC:Black Flag demo just glitched out and Destiny was acting the same way but ran fine afterward.
Omar91  +   658d ago
Yea same here, I'm hoping that has to do with the game and can be ironed out and it has nothing to do with the ps4 hardware.
lsujester  +   658d ago
Just in case, I'm not getting any new console on launch day. I got burned with a PS2 and a 360. If there are issues, I'll buy one after they get ironed out.
NeoTribe  +   657d ago
Isujester, thats what insurance is for buddy.
majiebeast  +   658d ago
Yeah both consoles had their glitches. BF4 didnt want to start on Xbone and some gameplay had no sound.
Hufandpuf  +   658d ago
It was a video, not an on-stage demo though.
Gildarts  +   657d ago
With BF4 it had sound issues. It was not the game nor the console. Just technical sound issues.
Perjoss  +   657d ago
games that are still in production that have glitches?? this is getting out of control!!
Enemy  +   658d ago
Lol are you serious? Do you know how many times they have to rehearse this stuff? If it was the PS4 they wouldn't even think about demoing it in public. As mentioned, it was an issue with the E3 monitors.
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Hufandpuf  +   657d ago
I just find it odd that the 2 out of 3 games they demoed had frame drops that's all.

and asking if I was kidding is insulting to me. I'm serious about this issue.
gameonbro   657d ago | Spam
Prophet-Gamer  +   657d ago
@Hufandpuf, it was audiovisual problems, same with MS on Crimson Dragon and BF4. There were also some glitches during EA and Ubisoft's conferences. This is was entirely a technical problem on whoever organizes E3, not the Xbox or PS4.
psyxon  +   657d ago
learn how software works. it happens.
Destrania  +   657d ago
When they played it live the next day at the Sony E3 floor presentation, it didn't freeze or glitch at all.
wastedcells  +   657d ago
Who cares its still early and the system and game are not out or done yet.
Haki1112  +   657d ago
But if it was the X1 people would be so quick and say it was the system. im buying a ps4 but these console wars makes me cringe sometimes
DragonKnight  +   657d ago
X1 deserves any hate it gets though.
wastedcells  +   657d ago
Did they even have a live demo at the Microsoft press conference. Sony has balls to do live gameplay demos. At e3 and at the Sony reveal.
C-Thunder  +   657d ago
Seen plenty of live footage since then, this was just a glitch caused by something at the event.
eagle21  +   657d ago
Redrever  +   657d ago
on page 3

basically i could see everything that was going on in the video they show of Destiny even in the dark areas?

what was this guys point exactally
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SolidDuck  +   657d ago
Stuff like this has happened at e3's before. It doesn't mean there's a problem with ps4 or xbox1. The black flag one was pretty bad tho.
horndog  +   657d ago
I also noticed assasins creed a little slugish during ps3's conference.
ginsunuva  +   657d ago
Ac4 was freezing, but I didn't see anything with destiny.
hazelamy  +   657d ago
these games are still six months from launch, so it'd be understandable if there were bugs.

same for the demo at the ms event.
i wouldn't attach too much significance to them.
gameonbro   657d ago | Spam
DJMarty  +   657d ago
Neither the PS4 or X1 were showing games on final devkit hardware, final devkit hardware for both systems are months off.

Final devkit hardware ships around the time actual final retail hardware is ready.
Krosis  +   657d ago
I wonder what the comments would be like if it were the Xbox One the demo glitched on...lol
Mountain out of a molehill--this stuff happens.
SignifiedSix91  +   657d ago
It would have been the next big thing on the internet if it was the X1.
ThatsGaming  +   657d ago
I don't know why Bungie went solo.

The destiny mechanics seemed to be exactly the same as Halo...

Watching the walk of the character was exactly like halo, the way the gamer through grenades seemed exactly like halo, zooming was halo-like, this game just felt halo-ish while I watched it.

I expected more from Bungie.

I was much more impressed with Titanfall. While it was obviously CoD MW game mechanics, the addition of mechs made it just crazy awesome!

I am looking forward to both games, but with Bungie I see it as more of the Bungie same, while I think Respawn really added something nice to their game style.
Atomicjuicer  +   657d ago
Too bad they aimed Titanfall at the x-coffin.

Ill probably pick it up on 360 or PC at some point because it definitely looked sweet - but there is no way in hell I'm ever touching that piece of **** "console" abomination.
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C-Thunder  +   657d ago
Don't worry, it'll come to PS4. After this showing, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't already start the port. No way EA doesn't capitalize on what will easily be a larger install base on the PS4.
hazelamy  +   656d ago
maybe Bungie wanted to work on something they owned.

they worked on the Halo series for a decade, but in the end, ms owns it.

they started making the original Halo before ms bought them.

good luck to em i say, being like Halo isn't such a bad thing, not when you consider how good the Halo games are.
ThatsGaming  +   656d ago
Its not bad, its just disappointing because they always talked about great visions of new games and new directions...

To come out with a Halo clone is kind of anti-climatic for me...
CRASHBASHUK  +   657d ago
i would say AC4 was a lot worse for Glitching out tbh
Soc5  +   657d ago
you know you need traffic when that's your article, yikes never going back there again
SKUD  +   657d ago
Best part was the ass creed glitch. Forcing them to move on to the next game.
meday354  +   657d ago
Its not the finish product so why is this such abig deal? This is why the gaming industry is falling apart.
Martywren  +   657d ago
Bungie has work with sony first before MS, Bungie are some damn good devs, im looking forward too destiny i hope sony get exclusive dlc like killzone weapons in destiny.
Belking  +   657d ago
I'm sure MS doesn't mind because they still own a stake in Bungie, so bring on that money...lol
Martywren  +   657d ago
Sony got stake in SE so.
hellvaguy  +   657d ago
MS has never owned stock in Bungie. I read they did buy out the rights from the Halo series from them. What's your source on that info?
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   657d ago
Destiny looks great-

It seperates itself from the sea of Futuristic FPS's.

I will be watching the reviews.
Love the RPG elements too,
PiperMCFierceson  +   657d ago
It was a bit embarrassing with ac4 too , but I guess they were under pressure I didn't hold it against ms or Sony when they both had there problems , it comes with the territories.
jacksons98  +   657d ago
I noticed but just attributed it to games probably being in Alpha or beta stages along with new systems.
This is uncharted territory for everyone around so not a big deal
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isyourhouseonfire  +   657d ago
Destiny should've been developed on the XBOX ONE, which has a proven code platform behind it. The PS4 is rumored to be extremely difficult to develop for and I have a feeling we'll be seeing constant glitching for years to come.
GraveLord  +   657d ago
Nope. PS4 is the easiest platform to develop for. The glitches you saw on stage were purely audio/visual. They have nothing to do with the game or the PS4 itself.

Go back under your bridge.
isyourhouseonfire  +   657d ago
Insiders have already said the glitches were console issues and completely surprised Sony.
marcelliuss1  +   657d ago
Nope... It was said that the PS4 was easier to develop for than the PS3. They never said it was easier than the X1.
hellvaguy  +   657d ago
How wud either system be "easier to develop for" when they r using the exact same x86 cpu (possibility tweaked very slightly different)?

Everything we've been told is that we lost all BC because of how easy x86 will be to make multiplatforms for the pc, one, and ps4.
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jollygoodchap8  +   657d ago
This isn't 2006.
isyourhouseonfire  +   657d ago
That's exactly my point. The PS3 fooled everyone in 2006 and look how the walls crumbled. Now its 2013 and people are making the same mistake with the PS4.
WickedLester  +   657d ago
Um yeah I don't know what "sources" you are reading but the PS4 is DEFINITELY not difficult to program for. Do your research before you come on here on post spam.
Flames76  +   657d ago
Its simple to answer it was running on the PS4.Damn didnt everyone see watch dog freezing while they was showing it on the PS4?Also assassin's creed hell it was so bad it froze at the end.All 3 of those games are the are the only ones they played on stage and every game could barely run.That's why all the other trailers they showed we CG.yea not to impressed with the PS4 right now.I see why they had to put a price tag of $399 on it
GraveLord  +   657d ago
It's not a PS4 problem. It's a problem with the dozens of HDTVs they had up there. It's an audio/video input problem, not an overheating PS4 or glitchy game problem. This much is obvious.

An incmplete game wouldn't just freeze up like that. It would have seizures and lag and be unresponsive. That's not what we saw.

We saw the same thing at Microsofts event with the Battlefield 4 presentation.
hellvaguy  +   657d ago
Sounds like a lot of speculation and why didnt everything glitch? Doesn't really fit, imo.

Anyways, it is a demo so I wouldn't be too critical.
andibandit  +   657d ago
I dont see how the number of hdtv's is related to the framrate drops we saw
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Jazz4108  +   657d ago
Thats not true ms battlefield demo just didnt start when it was supposed to and it was only a video not a demo. Ms demoed alot of mext gen games as you could see them playing n the xboxone controler especily Ryse which had a ton of stuff going on and glitches were not one of them. The only other issue was another video not running on the one for crimson had no sound.
cell989  +   657d ago
these glitches were not PS4 bound they were just video technical problems
Tyre  +   657d ago
We both get disagrees? there are still a few people who cannot read in here? The article clearly explains why these glitches were not related to the hardware...typical isn't it Cell989?
cell989  +   657d ago
I just dont get man, people in denial are impressive
GiantEnemyCrab  +   657d ago
The person running the video feed kept falling asleep with all the Vita talk?
Tyre  +   657d ago
Great to hear the freezing wasn't a hardware issue with the PS4. I'm stoked for this game! Looks awesome!
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