Video: Super Smash Bros Presentation Featuring Wii Fit Trainer And Mario Vs Mega Man Sudden Death

GR: "Masahiro Sakurai and Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage before E3 started to show one new character for Super Smash Bros on Wii U."

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acharlez2008d ago

Love the addition of Mega Man.

knifefight2008d ago

Th Wii Fit Trainer too...comes out of nowhere. ^_^

Hadoukameha2008d ago

Mega Man seems emotionless and chibby. Mega Man is actually rather expressive and more well proportionate. Still sweet.

Brazz2008d ago

yeah, Rockman looks like a robot here... hey wait!lol

Joke off: Rock need some more expression! he is a almost human robot, some smile is a good call!

Hadoukameha2008d ago

He's as advanced as reploids, if not moreso. He's even beyond the laws of robotics, as he was about to kill Wily in 7 before Bass saved him and chastised Mega for hesitating.

So some emotion is necessary.

imXify2008d ago

Well that sudden death wasn't long lol

Gregard2008d ago

Well, it's supposed to be... well.... sudden :P