Could Increased PS3 Sales Be Causing a Shortage?

Sony has to be excited about its game console sales outlook for the present year. Followed by its victory in the HD format war, the PlayStation 3 seems to be enjoying the momentum it had lacked so far and that its competitors, namely Microsoft and Nintendo, had shared at different points in time during 2006 and 2007.

But the good news could stop there if Sony falls short of supply. This week Techspot tried to gather information from retail and online outlets and they all seemed to be out of stock of 80GB models (the only model in production carrying backwards compatibility), although the cheaper 40GB models were still available from a number of establishments.

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SUP3R3763d ago

Where has this guy been?
They pulled the 80G months ago.

Danja3763d ago

MGS4 will come bundled with an Sony didn't discontinue the 80GB...just the Motorstorm 80GB bundle.

The Killer3763d ago

every body knows that the 80GB will be discontinued sooner or later, i think they wanna replace it with more HDD with same price!

barom3763d ago

It could very well be that Sony saved a bunch of the 80gb intentionally for the MGS4 bundle. And honestly Sony kinda said the 80gb bundle (w/ motorstorm) was only going to be available for a limited of time when they announced it (they did call it limited edition too)

sonarus3763d ago

apparently taking out backwards compatibility really saved them money. In other words they lose less money off the 40GB than they do off the 80GB. Considering the way the 40GB has taken off, i doubt they will bring it back till the 80GB is cheaper to make. I also expect them to bring it back with a price cut.

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eagle213763d ago

The Motorstorm 80GB pack was pulled. June will be HUGE with the MGS4 80GB pack. Man it's gonna be HUGE!

SUP3R3763d ago

I apologize for not elaborating, but I meant they pulled it months ago in preparation for the new bundle.

eagle213763d ago

So many people want the 80GB and the Dualshock 3 (and a little game called MGS4) and it's the perfect bundle!

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sumfood4u3763d ago

PS3 comes in a bundle w/ MGS4 an grey looking PS3! so the 80GB isnt really gone just in reserve with one hella of a Game!

Mr_Kuwabara3763d ago

More like, in a coma and lost a lot of his brain cells.

TruthBTold3763d ago

Every one who has been reading about Sony's PS3 knows that the 80gb Motorstorm bundle has been discontinued in order to make way for the MGS4 bundle sooo.... no shortages, just new bundle which will be released in a little less than 3 months. Where do these people get the [email protected] to write articles they know absolutly nothing about? Lame.

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The story is too old to be commented.