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Infinity Ward not fazed by Battlefield 4's move to 60FPS

VideoGamer: ""We've always felt that was the standard" says Infinity Ward animator." (Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, E3, Infinity Ward, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Hatsune-Miku  +   393d ago
i guess its also the standard to release the same cod year after year with
Mustang300C2012  +   393d ago
I really don't get how the hell this is a negative. Why does it matter just like EA releases Madden each year. I don't know why it bothers anyone that doesn't care for the game why it is released each year and has been the highest sold franchise in the last 6 years. I really don't get the hate about why one company releases a game each year and is successful at doing it. People can say COD sucks all they want. If you don't want it why care of its existence?
HammadTheBeast  +   393d ago
Cause people want these lazy devs to stop making excuses and go back to the good games.
horndog  +   393d ago
I agree. Best selling game on the ps3 is all the cods. Its cool to pretend to hate cod but the numbers tell just what a bunch of liars they are. Secretly playing and enjoying the hell out of the franchise and then trashing it on the game boards. Lol!!! Cod ghost will be the best selling game on the ps4 till the next one hits it. Just watch.

Oh yeah cod also favors the xbox so its hated by most here since this is a pro ps site.
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GraveLord  +   393d ago
It's really not the same COD. As someone who has played the last 3, I can testify to that.

Many people can say the same thing about BF3 to BF4. I mean it is essentially the same core game but just more polished with additional features.

Don't be a hypocrite....
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r40k213  +   393d ago
and that's exactly why a lot of Battlefield fans were very pissed at EA/DICE for announcing BF4 right after the sales started dying off on their BF3 Premium deal. They announced BF4 before they were even done making half of the DLC for BF3. That pissed me off enough that I haven't bought a single EA release since.
Adexus  +   393d ago
They should be fazed even if it was at 30fps.
BattleAxe  +   393d ago
They might not be fazed (phased), but they're definitely stunned.
THE-COMMANDER  +   393d ago
Well infinity ward should not only be fazed by Battlefield 4's 60FPS, they should be fazed by Battlefield 4 as a whole, because battlefield providing 64-player online with awesome next-gen graphics along with great big maps!

I think infinity ward need to stop talking about other competitors and start concentrating on their fish's AI!


Or how about making a new engine?!
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Mustang300C2012  +   393d ago
Okay please don't start the 64 player comparison crap again. The same thing was said about MAG and countless other games that had higher player count.

Anyone that has been playing on PC already enjoys it there and it is great that it is coming to the consoles but please grow up with this ha ha we got you at the player count crap. I am sure COD is going to be just fine. It isn't trying to be Battlefield.
HammadTheBeast  +   393d ago
CoD is the EXACT same frustrating thing every year with new maps and weapons.
THE-COMMANDER  +   393d ago
When i mentioned the 64 player i meant that Battlefield is doing NEW things on the next generation and taking advantage of the new technology, not only that, but they are also adding new stuff and trying to innovate with their game. On the other hand COD is only making upgrades to their almost 7 years old engine and calling it next gen engine.

People like you who say "I am sure COD is going to be just fine" makes COD never innovate and improve.

We don't want the game to be "just fine", we need real improvement!
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trenso1  +   393d ago
Its that they said they did as much as the could with the new consoles to make sure they could keep 60fps and that's why the game looks like that. But bf4 not only looks better has more players it also has 60fps. So what is their excuse for the game looking like a current gen game which will no doubt have less than 30 players on a map
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GraveLord  +   393d ago
I agree. BF4 looks next-gen. COD doesn't.
Mustang300C2012  +   393d ago
There is nothing new about 64 players period. We had 128 for Mag last gen. Been playing 64 on PC. Your trying to use player count as something NEW?

And? The BF engine is an upgrade from the previous engine. It isn't brand new either. The Source engine years old and both the Source and COD engine derive from IDs engine from the 90s.
Are the fazed that it's Better than COD every second??

They need to stfu and make a next gen shooter.
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mrmarx  +   393d ago
i knew battlefield was the truth in 2008.. call of duty is good but after 2009 i had enough. wake up sheeple stop giving your money to infinity "whored"
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Intentions  +   393d ago
Developers of CoD can't say anything about their 60 frames anymore, because most games for next gen is going to be 60 frames now.

Before they were bragging that only CoD was 60 frames, now that next gen is coming what else are they going to brag about.

What? Are they going to brag about the so called advanced fish AI moving out of the way?
ape007  +   393d ago
um it's certainly ain't the fish AI, it's the gameplay, more fun to play than its rivals kz and bf, way more replay value, more ppl online playing, yeah that usual nightmarish facts/stats that u cod haters have to endure year after year

The nextgen will expose untalented developers, all games will look good, period even the underpowered in comparison wiiu will still give some gorgeous looking 60fps 1080p games

we all look good nextgen, gameplay is where it's at and Call Of Duty excels at gameplay
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NarooN  +   393d ago
None of what you said is "nightmarish" lol. CoD is the same old rehashed crap every year. Ghosts still looks like a current-gen game, which is pathetic. "Replay value" is a joke, unless you count doing the same thing nonstop over and over (zomg i cen kil ppl and rank up and den reset mah statz n do it all over agn omfg so leet" as play value.
ape007  +   393d ago

lol what half @ssed excuses, keep living in denial
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Snookies12  +   393d ago
Call of Duty has NEVER excelled at gameplay. If you're talking story, it focuses on the "wow" factor of giant explosions and typical hollywood action sequences. Which are fine to an extent, but the gameplay is and has always been the same.

If you're talking about its multi-player, all it does is reward players who are doing well by giving them kill streak bonuses and further burying players who are trying to get better. Not to mention the levels are all enclosed and completely unchangeable so that you're going through the same stuff every time.

At least with Battlefield you get to destroy buildings and get in vehicles. It's also very dynamic based on the fact that no two matches will be alike even on the same level because you can destroy walls in buildings. It's also very open, with huge maps where you can hide anywhere.

Story-wise Battlefield isn't that great, but its multi-player is where it excels to a level Call of Duty can never compete with.
ape007  +   393d ago

nope cod excels at gameplay, take a sweet look at xbl/psn charts

and yes bf look amazing but i don't like it that much tbh
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dazzrazz  +   393d ago
you need to stop smoking that crack son !
flipflopfacts  +   393d ago
Next COD should be 120 fps seeing how their current engine is looking.
nick309  +   393d ago
60 fps should be mandatory next gen... Although devs should do higher than that.
ape007  +   393d ago
CoD ghosts looks much more fun to play than bf, it will also have better soundtrack, graphically BF4 look much better than CoD but Cod still look good

i don't like the look of bf4, it's the same as bf3(art style not gfx), bad company 2 was the best
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karl  +   393d ago
wow dude.. COD fanboys start sounding like MS fanboys
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0pie  +   393d ago
cod run at 60fps but on console they are always sub-hd.
King-Prodigy-X  +   393d ago
Yeah, yall scared.
GreenRanger  +   393d ago
Nothing fazes Infinity Ward (except the little fishies).
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Pillsbury1  +   393d ago
Your dragon zord will scare off them fishes! Hi-ya!
Gamer-Z  +   393d ago
If your not phased then why make bring it up?
Gamer-Z  +   393d ago
Edit: Sorry I hate typing from my phone.

But yeah I think after the move to next gen games like COD will become irrelevant when every other shooter runs at 60fps. COD will sell on name alone next gen.
NarooN  +   393d ago
Sane gamers not phased by IW's sad trash talk.
ape007  +   393d ago
sane gamers do not pretend to hate something popular to look cool while in they line in first to get their copy in reality
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NarooN  +   393d ago
I love that logic "oh wat u bash da gaem? secreltly u liek it, u'll be da 1st in lien 2 bi it!"

Yep, even though the last one I bought was MW2, lol. Get real, go play some real FPS, then get back to me.
coffinxnails  +   393d ago
are you done typing in numbers and bad spelling? The second you start doing that it discredits your opinion immediately.

That being said as a recovering cod addict I will be enjoying some bf4 and titanfall next-gen. Call of Duty may be on top but it really is getting old. I really only stuck with it for so long because every other shooter was 30 frames per second which is unplayable at a competitive level. I can see why so many people still love to play but ill be moving on to greener pastures (mainly titanfall because of respawn)
deemonse  +   393d ago
Yep, Just can't wait for Call of Duty: We Ran Out of Wars So Just Shoot the Fuck Out of Eachother!
CaulkSlap  +   393d ago
Did anyone let them know it's also standard to upgrade your game engine every few years?
Jarhead1776  +   393d ago
32v32 will be epic on the new consoles. You can't deny that.
dazzrazz  +   393d ago
2 bad they fall behind in other standards
ziggurcat  +   393d ago
they obviously think that their fish AI will put CoD over the top...
jonboi24  +   393d ago
Next-gen COD will fall but I don't know if Battlefield 4 will do it
MasterD919  +   393d ago
COD got so tired of itself it had to create another franchise within itself. All this is is an excuse to continue producing annual COD titles, only by creating a new entry in the series...aka...name change.

It's that simple. They know if people saw MW4 and BO3 they would complain. This is the same game we've seen for years with more dogs and brushed over with some slight polish.
csreynolds  +   393d ago
How many more times is Infinity Ward going to play the 60 FPS card? This alone does not make your game better than everyone else's, IW. Wake up. DICE is laughing at you.
cafc23  +   393d ago
You would just hope they have fixed all the connection problems with the next version.

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