The Arrogance Of Microsoft Continues

Hardcore Gamer: Simply put, Microsoft are being beat easily and they’ve pretty much hit rock bottom of what could have happened this week.

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reef10171982d ago

And it will be there downfall.

Mounce1981d ago

I think what the guy should've said: "If you don't like it, buy a PS4 instead of Xbox One".

Cmon, telling a customer to shove it and to buy a 360 is silly . . . Being that it's likely Microsoft will cut the 360 support soon-after of Xbox Ones launch like they did Xbox(1).

If not that, maybe they'll see that if Xbone is failing, they'll go back to hurdle with the 360 because they make more profit on their last console than their current so-to-speak.

Seems likely.

GreenRanger1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Microsoft are only a crack in this castle of glass.

Moonman1982d ago

Next...the meltdown... ;p

TheSauce1982d ago

Microsoft really needs to drop the ego, seriously, it's like Sony circa 2006 all over again.

Bathyj1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

At least Sony were playfull and lighthearted about it. Next gen starts when we say say so. You will get two jobs. They were just marketing slogans that had no real bearing on anything and I thought they were funny.

MS are being tyrants. Trying to force things into gaming that will negatively impact all gamers. Imagine if their crap actually takes off and others have to follow to keep up, like everyone chasing Nintendos casuals to the point where only one company is really concerned about the hardcore.

This thing is bad. Its so bad its not even a thing you can just say well I'll ignore it. I wont buy one and it wont affect me. If it succeeds it will affect you whether you buy one or not.

360 wasnt my favourite console but I thought the competition was good. I never wanted it to die. But now I think in might be best for everyone in the long run if Xbone did just that.

Army_of_Darkness1981d ago

Sony's ps3 is officially in second place now even after ms's one year lead, plus lets not forget that this gen isn't exactly over yet so if i was ms, i would be shitty bricks right now considering how the ps3 is ending off this gen with awesome exclusives after exclusives alongside the nicely priced $399 ps4 that got everyone excited with its features, games, power and minimal restrictions unlike the xbone so i know for a fact ms is secretly in panic mode which is why i know their pride and ego will ruin them this upcoming gen.

RiPPn1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

It's worse than Sony. At least Sony really had a machine that should cost 599$ at the time and just came off a generation that they completely obliterated the competition.

I'm not understanding where Microsoft is getting this arrogance. They act like they came in 1st when in reality, something they currently aren't living in, the Wii smoked them, and Sony has now surpassed them making them last place. On top of that their new machine has weaker hardware and are only higher priced because they are crowbarring in tech nobody asked for. Going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Edit: @Bathyj: your post wasn't there when I wrote mine up, anyway very good points!

hollabox1981d ago

Agree, Microsoft needs to replace Don Mattrick and promote Phill Harris to their PR guy. Don comes off as greasy, slimy, arrogant jerk who thinks his sh!t don't stink. If you're selling something weaker and at an higher price than your competitors, people are less likely to buy your products if they feel like they are being talked down to by the salesmen.

Don is a salesmen who acts like his product is too good for the consumer. Sorry Don but you are not going to get good business that way, hasn't worked in the past, will not work in the future. With that said Sony has already gotten my pre order money. I do plan on buying a Xbox one within the next 12 months but I'm not paying $100 more for an inferior product because of some casual gamer feature such as Kinect.

Yeah Kinect is built in every system, but seriously I've never cared for that crap, too many games like the crap you find on the Nintendo products. Poor Rare, they can't even make their own IPs any more with KI going to Double Helix. If you guys want my business this winter you need to make changes, one being getting rid of Don Mattrick.

showtimefolks1981d ago

my main issue is when someone from MS said if you don't have net buy a xbox360 ok very nice, why did the guy who said deal with it got fired when now MS is saying the same thing

arrogance sony had it last gen and struggled early on and now MS will too, you can fool some fanboys or casuals into buying the system but overall it won't do as well as ps4 specially at launch

Brazz1981d ago

the thing is... will MS make a comeback?
Ps3 laged behind 360 and Wii, but it's strong and it's second place whit good chance to sell as well as WII ( Nintendo won last gen in money gain hands down, but that is another thing.)
If X-1 lag behind Ps4 can it recover?

MRMagoo1231981d ago

no sony made a comeback to to speak because it was always going to sell more than the 360 they just had to catch up on MS' year and a half of no competition, this time its all even and you will see how ps4 sells better than the xbone from the get go and if this news is anything to go by MS wont stand a chance at catching up apparently they arent releasing in asian countries till a year after launch and also if your country isnt supported by MS even if you import a console it still wont work in your country.

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