PS4 Will Have “A Significant Chunk” of Launch Titles, Won’t Jam the PS Cam “Down Everyone’s Throat”

We’ve given Adam Boyes more attention today than we’ve given Kaz all month, so to make sure we don’t mess up the status quo even further and upset Kaz – this story, based off of the roundtable PSLS attended earlier today, will be the last. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1950d ago

My eyes are looking past the PS4 launch and into Q1 2014 for inFamous: Second Son. Looks amazing.

SquareEnixFan1950d ago

Yes it does. I am very disappointed Infamous isn't a launch title.

TrendyGamers1950d ago

I'm not too disappointed, just something to look forward to after I play Knack, Shadow Fall, etc.

xhi41950d ago

Don't be disappointed!

You've got all the PS4 exclusive, free to play games + multi-platform awesomeness that is Watch Dogs, AC 4 etc.

Then once you're done that you'll have infamous early next year :)

WickedLester1950d ago

Geez I'm not! I had a hard enough time deciding which games I wanted at launch as it is! In the end I pre ordered Knack and Killzone: Shadowfall and I may just pick up Battlefield 4 as well. I figured these along with the free Drive Club PS Plus download will be more than enough to keep me busy until Infamous comes out!

SquareEnixFan1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Yeah Killzone and multiplats will make the wait a lot less painful.

Rusty5151950d ago

I actually think the game will be ready for launch, but having two major first party launch titles (killzone and infamous) would hurt sales for each games. Plus, by delaying infamous to Q1 2014, it gives us something to play for the launch window.

sway_z1950d ago

I want I:SS too, but it was never confirmed as a launch title...awww don't be disappointed, I don't like people to feel disappointed :)

BitbyDeath1950d ago

Watch Dogs is now back on my list after watching the E3 walkthrough. Looked awesome.

SonyPS41950d ago

I am not that disappointed. Maybe they had a reason to release it later. Maybe there were some odd game breaking glitches to remove before releasing to the public. Whatever, it's really for the best.

BlindGuardian1950d ago

is Knack really worth it?

I'm thinking Killzone and Watchdogs at launch, and then Infamous on Q1

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

The cam and the controller and games are same price!


sony is doing great with pricing imo..

launch day ps4's are sold out and after launch ps4 pre orders are number #3.

titletownrelo1950d ago

strange, I actually feel like a company has EARNED my money...BUY ALL THE GAMES!

Spontogical1950d ago

I have a question: I'm currently saving up for a PS4 now to get it at launch but I can't help but wonder.. why should I buy Watch_Dogs/AC4 on PS4, when they're only going to be shinier versions of their PS3 counterparts?

Also is the prices of the titles the same? In that case I guess it makes sense, though I won't have enough money to buy any games except the free drive club game and maybe Knack/Killzone Shadow Fall

showtimefolks1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

killzone shadow fall
drive club--free for plus members

these 3 are confirmed for launch

infamous 2nd season 1st half of 2014

the order 1886 has been in development since the last god of war game read at dawn did which was 2010-2011 so by 2014 that's 3 plus years of development and that's from a lot of help with santa monica studios. So that means it should come out in q1 or q2 of 2014

than we will most likely see a Last of Us ps4 version with dlc in q2 2014.(game looks stunning on ps3 imagine the port of done right on ps4)

rumors are that Uncharted 4 will be announced later this year most likely at Spike tv video games awards

than we are sure to get atleast few more game announcements at Gamescom and TGS

Sony Santa Monica themself are also working on a new IP with the director who directed god of war 3, so we should hear something about it

now let's look at indie games, sony showed what 6-8 games at once on E3 stage so some of them will be launch titles

both xbox one and ps4 will have very good launch titles, i am glad both learned from their past launches since Nintendo hasn't learned in 25 years and most of their games at E3 didn't get any sort of release date

also what about free to play GAMES AT LAUNCH?


best thing is they are not forcing anyone to buy the camera

Ozmoses1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I pre-ordered the PS4, BF4 and The Order 1886.

The other games all look good. I'll most likely add Killzone: Shadowfall to the list of day one pickups.

CaulkSlap1950d ago

What's hilarious is that by Microsoft making Kinect standard, any camera function in multiplatform games will probably just support PS Eye as well. Sony doesn't even have to include it to get most of the dev support benefits with MS shoving it down everyone's throat.

elhebbo161950d ago

holycrap I didnt realize this! in my mind I thought since it isnt packed in its DOA but since Devs are somewhat forced to include kinect into X1 games, the PS eye gets an easy pass of not being forgotten. not to mention Move games as well. that was actually a pretty smart strategy from sony.

Bigpappy1950d ago

You are assuming that they will work the same way. They will not. The tech is different. Those features will be exclusive to X1 until the PS Eye can show a large enough base to merit the developers effort. Plus some of Kinect features are in it's firmware so developer don't need to do much to enable the features.

Chuk51950d ago

I feel like there are 3 exclusive games announced for launch.
Will there be any others?

nick3091950d ago

They keep talking about those invisible exclusives, then they will launch those stupid indie games no one cares about.

sway_z1950d ago

Why bring your negative attitude to a positive PS4 article...

We all know you prefer XB1....don't be such a Grinch!

titletownrelo1950d ago

ever heard of a game called Minecraft? Indie title I know...isn't it kinda succesfull now?

elhebbo161950d ago

indies that no one care of? I'm super excited for Outlast thank you.

rainslacker1950d ago

I'm really liking "Transistor" myself. Not sure if it's a launch title though. And it's on PC, so not technically exclusive...but I do care about it.

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sway_z1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Dude, there will be around 20+ full retail games at launch, and they will be games you will want!

Not including F2P and Indie titles...

Chuk51950d ago

I mean I'm proably gonna get watch dogs and planetside 2, so it's no damage really.

MRMagoo1231950d ago

there are 2 more game shows yet i think they will be showing more games then and their release dates

nick3091950d ago

@sway: no i dont prefer xbox1 i just wanna see which titles are gonna be at i said before im sticking to both consoles again.

Destrania1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

There's those 3 major Sony 1st party games (Killzone, Driveclub, Knack), then there's 5 great F2P titles, and then on top of that, there's a handful of sweet indie titles, all exclusive, all available at launch. Then we have all the multi-plats to pick up as well (best version is the PS4 version mind you). Far more than enough great games right at launch.

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