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USGamer- Preview: Dragon's Crown stakes claim to beat-'em-up throne

USG:Yes, the sorceress' chest is absurd. But the rest of Vanillaware's beat-em-up is a resurrected and refined take on a classic arcade genre. (Dragon's Crown, PS Vita, PS3)

Shinobi100  +   656d ago
Before you read this, understand that the author has some form of mental illness. Autism maybe. I concluded this because the author makes absolutely no sense. Here is the article in brief: "I pre-ordered Dragon's Crown. Then I canceled it for no reason. Then I played the Dragon's Crown demo and didn't like it b/c beat em up are a "fairly shallow genre". Then I played the D & D arcade demo and remembered I like beat em ups. Now I love Dragon's Crown. I think I'll pre-order it."

This is a beat em up. If you have the mind set that beat em ups are a fairly shallow genre, then don't apply. If you, like me, have loved every second you've ever played of Double Dragon, Final Fight, Golden Axe, and Streets of Rage, because walking around and beating bad guys senseless is an unmatchable rush, then by all means pick this up, cause it might be the most bad@$$ beat em up of em all
skyrimer  +   656d ago
I think the sorceress much discussed assets has been a strike of brilliance, the game has had 10x the exposure with all this, and at the end it will help sales.

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