E3: Gameplay Interview: TitanFall

CVG:TitanFall is the debut title from Respawn, the studio formed by key staff from Call of Duty studio Infinity Ward.

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AngelicIceDiamond1958d ago

My most anticipated games are Destiny and Titanfall. Again those are my most anticipated.

@video "MP campaign mode." sounds interesting, never heard of it.

dedicatedtogamers1958d ago

MP campaign mode sounds like co-op with more people (maybe 4 players or 8 players playing co-op, which is a step up from most shooters from last gen).

This game reminds me of Unreal Championship 2, which was a very fun Xbox game. The jetpacks, open maps, and wall-jumping look like a lot of fun, and the MECHS! Oh they look so cool.

AngelicIceDiamond1958d ago

4 to 8 players or possibly more? Wow, this games influence is through MP and large scale battles sounds fun and innovative.

Yeah its does look like allot of fun. People are complaining about the graphics. Just because its next gen doesn't mean it needs pretty graphics. The gameplay alone looks innovative.

I can see a little bit Cod influence in the game, which isn't a bad thing of course.

urwifeminder1958d ago

Yep the scale of battles was stunning respawn will be rolling in it I may get pc and box version.

Veni Vidi Vici1958d ago

When did Michael Gross become a game developer?