Xbox One and PS4 have no advantage over the other says RedLynx 'Trials creative director Antti Ilvessuo believes both next-generation consoles to be on par.'

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GamersHeaven1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Superior GPU and RAM i'd say that's a big advantage for Sony.

@Snookies12 That as well and the 399$ prictag :)

Snookies121987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Not to mention their policies are much more consumer friendly. That in itself is an advantage.

zeee1987d ago

^ This! The policy alone makes a huge difference. Why the huge cheer during E3, why the rageful comments on forums and everywhere? Why the extreme criticism from almost every gaming website?


Enemy1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Trials guys, the same guys that have never made a game for PlayStation, and that are under Microsoft's spell. Their opinion is simply invalid. It's like taking Don Mattrick seriously after he's made the same claim.

50% superior GPU and superior 8GB GDDR5 RAM only proves the PS4 is superior. Specs are set in stone, and words won't change them.

starchild1987d ago

Yeah, the difference is pretty huge to be honest. We haven't seen such a gulf between competing consoles since probably the Xbox/PS2 days.

Boody-Bandit1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Personally I think it's embarrassing listening to these studios trying to spin fluff in MS's favor. Sellouts, nothing more, nothing less.

Tapioca Cold1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )


No it doesn't. maybe in your small internet world it does but in reality it does not. I want to believe gamers are intelligent but they are not. For the past month and a half the web has been filled with people complaining and threatening microsoft not to implement DRM. They have. But they also showed Titanfall (an incredible game). Now, i can already see on the Gaf and here, gamers starting to change their tune. "Oh, DRM? what's a little DRM here and there."

Wait and see. People will buy the Xbone regardless.

Also, all the press and journalists like gametrailers and their angry gamer shows and bosman stuff will all be playing there xbones. wait and see. wait and see. it's all temptation and hypocrisy.

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HammadTheBeast1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

It's easy for them to say this when their games can be played on a phone or tablet.

I know there's more than one btw, but there games don't nearly max out graphics in any way.

MysticStrummer1987d ago

Maybe he meant that no new PS4 advantage has been announced today. ; )

PS4 definitely has several advantages.

humbleopinion1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Depends on what games...
Trials Evolution for example is a powerhouse, with an amazing lighting engine and 60FPS squiring every ounce of performance from the 360. Probably the best looking semi 2D game to date.

They're now owned by Ubisoft, but it still seems that their new console game (based on an improved engine) is only coming to next gen consoles and the 360 itself. I guess it was so tightly optimized that it probably can't be ported to the PS3 without making compromises.

SecondSon1986d ago

The amount of glitches in that game are laughable.
It is common for me to reach negative 60 points or more at least once in a coop session with friends :/

I love Trials but its not a technical masterpiece like you make it sound.

solar1987d ago

PS4 has the advantage to me because i only connect my console to the net for firmware updates, as i dont play console games online. nor do i wish to "check in" with MS everytime i want to play a SP game.

the hardware between the two is really negligible. both will produce basically the same game when it come to visuals for multiplats. i only care about the DRM when it comes to consoles and connectivity to the internet

NameRemoved00171987d ago

The PS4 will have better graphics in pretty much every game. If it does not then it is the developers fault for not using the hardware to its real power.

papashango1987d ago

You are aware that the same company that makes Sony's GPU makes M$'s GPU right?

the architecture will be the same the only difference will be clockspeed. but when you are talking a couple hundred Mhz. The difference is just 5 fps.

You aren't gonna get elaborate AA or higher resolutions. Just a couple FPS and that only matters if the game runs under 60fps as both I imagine will have Vsync enabled. meaning a 60fps cap.

MRMagoo1231987d ago


You have no clue do you lol its a minimum of 10 fps actually and probably more in the lines of 15 to 20fps diff.then add to that the giant gap in ram as in available game ram and the type of ram and the ps4 is leagues ahead.

starchild1987d ago

Hey, solar, I thought you were a PC gamer. I'm sure you know that having 50% more shader performance isn't a small difference.

solar1986d ago

Yus star, but what im refering to is how times did we hear how "multiplats will look identical" between the 360/PS3? I believe the same will happen and for exclusives, comparisons will be subjective. Developers will be told by publishers not to alienate the consumer base. Exclusives its all systems go with the hardware.

papashango1984d ago

@mr. magoo

oh god really? a minimum of 10 really?

so All the video cards I've ever owned have been lying to me all these years when I would test my overclocks?

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admiralvic1987d ago

See, this is the problem with just reading headlines. The person pretty much said it's a "whatever floats your boat" situation, which really could extend to the Wii U and still have the same overall message. Also while the PS4 might have more actual power, it still requires developers to harness it for it to really "have" an advantage over the other. If they want to scale back 1 version to match the other, then whichever one is more powerful is moot.

GamersHeaven1987d ago

They both have the same architecture it's not rocket science it will not take much time getting better performance on PS4 meaning multiplaforms will be superior.

Hicken1987d ago

Even if it WAS "whatever floats your boat," there's still advantages one system can and will have over another.

SlavisH21987d ago

wow really, so how long have you developed for ps4 and xbox?

awi59511987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Ps4 having more tera flops means nothing pc gpu;'s from 3 years ago has 2 teraflops. I want to see the Ps4 cpu speeds they still havent said

1986d ago
awi59511986d ago


Those are crappy speeds for a 8 core. Amd crap bulldozer 8 cores were 3.6 gigs stock.

1986d ago
webeblazing1987d ago

wouldnt dev be able to scale gfx better since all platforms have similar architectures like pc ex. mid, high, ultra etc. if they better optimize the lowest common wouldnt the better hardware shine better.
just asking tho.

CryofSilence1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Just search for RedLynx on Wikipedia and inspect their game library, and you will see how worthless their opinion is in this context.

SignifiedSix911987d ago

I'll take the words from a developer over someone on n4g who has no idea of how the hardware from each console works.

Reverent1987d ago

Funny, because multiple developers with much more skill and understanding of hardware than this no-name mobile developer have constantly praised the PS4 for all of its advantages.

MRMagoo1231987d ago

If this is true Sony have even more advantages coming, like releasing their console in japan for a start lol

VaporCell1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

It's funny how people deny the fact that the ps4 has 1,152 gpu core vs the xbones 768. Just look at the recently released killzone:Sf screenshots how undenyably awesome they look. The ps4 and xbone might have the same maker and gpu but one uses DDR3 and the ps4 uses the more game friendly GDDR5, (kind of Ram video cards uses) Which means the customization of the two system's GPUs have to accomodate to their respective type of RAM. So in reality you can't compare the GPUs directly from specs. (Sorry my english is second language)

awi59511986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

AMD used DDr5 for years before nividia switched and games still ran and looked better on NIvidia cards. Sofware makes games run the hardware will only do so much. I only used AMD cards back then because they were cheaper but even i had to admit that games did run better on nivida cards with ddr 3 its just they were to stupid expensive so i switched. Its really stupid that i could crossfire 2 amd cards for the price of one nividia card and get alot more performance in games. But for single card use Nividia is pretty good. But they need to stop being stupid on price.

Campy da Camper1987d ago

I'm not a tech expert but what I do know is that Infamous gameplay looks better than anything I've seen yet for next gen.

Mounce1986d ago

Shush, RedLynx clearly are masters at maximizing Next-gen consoles already! YOU DOUBT THEIR SKILLS?! They're pro at making dirtbikes that take blast processing to fully comprehend! Trials PS4 edition is too powerful for PS4 to handle and that's why they know.

Kevin ButIer1986d ago

Even if it's true... PS4 is $100 bucks less so... your argument is invalid

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DxTrixterz1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

WTF. So no DRM restrictions, no online requirements, better hardware are not advantages for PS4? Is this guy drunk or something? Right now Sony has crushed Microsoft. They have all possible advantages you can possibly have.

Kingthrash3601987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

anyone else smell the LIES? if you rearrange the letters in redlynx it will spell bull**it

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