Sony Throws GameStop a Bone -- but Will It Be Enough?

GameStop appears initially to have caught a break with Sony.

Unlike Microsoft's restrictive Xbox One, where publishers will have more say in the way that their games are or are not able to be transferred between players, Sony made it a point on Monday night to emphasize that PS4 buyers will be able to trade in, sell, or lend their disc-based games.

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Conan-O-Brady2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

@ 1:30 in the video, What the hell? "The PS3 has been a forgotten console that allowed the Xbox 360 to overrun the market, and the Wii had the small little lower end family based market."

He also thinks that devs are gonna flock to MS's DRM machine thus forcing gamers to do the same. As if we can't influence devs by purchasing a DRM free console and saying this is where we'll be if you want us to purchase your games you'll follow us and not the other way around.

I think this guy may be high or something.... SMFH

# @adam_orth, Sony dealt with

phantomexe2012d ago

really he is on something. There is 0 chance i will ever pick up and xbox unless all the crap which i won't repeat because i think everyone knows now, is left out.

dedicatedtogamers2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Regarding Xbox One, something people are overlooking is the employee. The lowly, minimum wage or barely-above minimum wage employee who has to sell this thing and who has to deal with customers.

Let's consider four of the biggest retail chains where the Xbox One will be sold: Target, Wal-Mart, Gamestop, and Best Buy. In all four of those chains, there's a separate department for games (except Gamestop, which is the whole store). You think that minimum-wage employee is going to recommend the Xbox One when he/she gets yelled at - daily - by an irate customer that screams "my new Xbox doesn't play my 360 games" and "my new Xbox won't work because my internet is down" and "I bought this game for my new Xbox but now I can't play it on my friend's console" and "my brother in law told me I can't rent games for this system so I want to return it", etc. etc.

You think that employee is going to feel any sense of loyalty to the Xbox One? Hell no. Give it two weeks. After the first two weeks after launch, these employees are going to be sick and tired of hearing the complaints, so they'll quietly recommend (when their boss isn't watching) that the person buys a 360 or a PS4 or a Wii-U, ANYthing but an Xbox One, because they know the person is just going to come back and yell at them.

I remember when Gamestop sold refurbished 360s (during the RRoD fiasco) and my store manager simply told us to stop selling refurbished 360s because they didn't work, they'd come back within a week, and it would only piss off the customer. Similar situation.

forcefullpower2012d ago

@dtg you are bang on the money. Word of mouth around my area in the uk is that no one will touch it. I have come across a few people that were going to get it but they didn't know about all the restrictions. They are no longer are buying them and they are also telling everyone else. Its going round like wild fire at the moment not to buy the new xbox.

By the end of the year I think those pre orders are going to diminish.

jaredhart2012d ago

These aren't gamers and they are looking at things from a US centric view. Still really bad with the facts though.

seanpitt232012d ago

The only people that will buy the x1 will be the rich who will buy both consoles.

Narutone662012d ago

Looking at the link will give you a hint at what they are talking about.

DragonPs42012d ago

as much as I dislike the Wii it was and is market leader for current gen.

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Agent_hitman2012d ago

Duke you're drunk go home!.. You really don't know what you're saying..

MikeyDucati12012d ago

Didn't read article but came to say, I don't shop at Gamestop anyway. I rather go online and check out amazon or some local shop around the way. Gamestop is the last place I support.

JohnS13132012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Now Gamestop can return the favor. This current generation most Gamestop employees seemed to push the 360 on their customers. Now they can push the PS4 on everyone. That at least makes sense since the PS4 will have more games they can sell used.

I can't believe the crap that loser said on the video. I guess Motley Fool is sponsored by Microsoft. What a dope.

gino92012d ago

When they say no DRM their talking about first parties. Trenton clearly said its up to the publisher and their relationship with the consumer. In a nutshell if the third parties say fuck u we get DRM on PS4 too. The question he was asked was no about online passes. Sometimes we hear what we want to hear.

LeCreuset2012d ago

Sometimes YOU hear what YOU want to hear. What part of the same as on PS3 don't you get?

rainslacker2011d ago

So far from what I've seen from both Ubisoft, and surprisingly EA...the two biggest that they are distancing themselves from this whole debate. Activision has never really gone the way of heavy DRM in consoles. And most of the smaller publishers never bothered with it at all.

Publishers are throwing MS under a bus, the same way MS did to them by passing the buck, saying publishers could opt-out of some of their policies.

Some of these publishers may like the what MS is doing...we can only speculate until they say otherwise...but for the foreseeable future I think they will avoid heavy DRM like the plague, or at least see how well X1 is adopted before making a decision.

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