Microsoft E3 2013 Impressions and Review

GamerVet Hockey Glory writes:

Like most people, Microsoft’s Spike TV revealing was a disappointment. They showed the console and controller. They showed cool TV tech, but where’s the games? They did a 180 at the E3 2013 show. Microsoft held true to their claim that it’s games, games, games as per Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb). Well, I guess he did lie a tad as they briefly talked about a new Xbox 360 model. But after that, nothing about Xbox One media features or TV.

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Hufandpuf1987d ago

they showed the games and hardware like we all asked.

Transporter471986d ago

Their Conference, they showed new games not a lot but some, most games were multiplatform but games are games a B- from me.

GreenRanger1986d ago

Their conference wasn't bad but every time they showed something decent, I couldn't help but saying 'That's not worth having to put up with Kinect and DRM', to myself.

Regardless of what they were showing, Kinect and DRM were always in the back of my mind.

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