PS4 vs Xbox One Pricing War - Sony tramples Microsoft video

So to take in all the excitement of the last few days and looking at the E3 presentations which both had their merits; but the biggest and most deadly blows came from the Sony camp.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1987d ago

Cant argue with 100$ less... its huge

marchinggamer1987d ago

I can when I get kinect better online service and better games

xHeavYx1987d ago

Lol, poor delusional Xbot.
$100 get's me PS+ (with 4 free games on the first month) and either a new controller or game

MasterCornholio1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I remember that in the past XBOX fans made the arguement that XBOX Live is a lot better than PSN because the subscription for online multiplayer allowed Microsoft to devote more resources to their online service.

Now that PS4 owners have to pay to play online what is your excuse now?

In my opinion not only is Sony providing a multiplayer service on the same level as Microsoft but with Gaikai and playstation pluses free games it makes it a lot better than XBOX Live gold.

-GametimeUK-1987d ago

I'd rather not have a mandatory kinect, a paywall for netflix, youtube etc, DRM and not have my console brick after 24 hours of being offline.

If only there was a console that offered me this stuff and had Naughty Dog developing games for it... oh, wait...

PS4... and it's almost £100 cheaper.

I was pro MS until 08 because of Sony screwing over gamers with the PS3 launch. I'm not gonna support MS for having the same attitude.

pompombrum1987d ago

Lol Xbox One gamers.. it's going to be like that episode of South Park with those energy saving car thingies.. they'll bump into each other and be like "GOOD FOR YEEEEWW" while everyone else is just shaking their head facepalming.

PS4 seems to be stomping on the Xbone though currently. Just checked the top preorder charts on ShopTo one of the best online retailers here in the UK.. Almost all the top preorders are for the PS4.

Army_of_Darkness1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Isn't that the main reason why Sony decided to charge for multiplayer? too have more funds to constantly improve PS+ and its online components, rather than budgeting and limiting all the time in order to keep the service free??

Anyhow, I hope I can manage to get a PS4 this holiday season by walk-in somehow lol!

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1986d ago

marchinggamer.... go home your drunk.

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ZBlacktt1987d ago

More powerful console and a TON of video games and video game content every month with plus. Like DriveClub, UC3, Infamous2, etc.... Plus no DMR, No 24 hr online, no spy camera.

JW10801987d ago

Screw Microsoft and screw XBox One.

NatureOfLogic1987d ago

Xbox fail to outsale Playstation at a lower price with a year headstart. Will Xbox be as successful this gen releasing at the same time at a higher price point, remains to be seen.

BigShotSmoov0071987d ago

I understand $100 is a big difference in a game console but to me it doesn't mean to much just because of what the One can do and potentially do in the future. Lets not forget that yeah to One is $100 more but your getting the whole Xbox experience with it. If you take out the Kinect and just sell the console with the controller you'll probably looking at the same price for both consoles. With the PS4 your not getting the eye camera so to get the full Playstation experience you have to shell out close to another $100. I'm a gamer and will be getting both but I don't get it if your a true gamer that the $100 price difference matters that much. Both consoles will cost you roughly the same amount in the long run and you'll get your enjoyment and moneys worth out of both.

avengers19781987d ago

The playstation eye is 60$. And an option... If the kinect breaks you have to go buy another, and I bet you it's not 60$... On the other hand you don't even need the ps eye for your PS4... So if you CHOOSE to buy one.
Of course MS put kinect in ever box the XB1 doesn't function at all with out it

lucaskeller11987d ago

But but but..

Sony isn't shoving the camera down our throats and telling us the ps4 won't function without it. What about the majority of xbox fans not interested in kinect who will now be forced to spend 500 dollars without choice? Atleast with sony, if ps eye is your thing, you can always purchase it seperately.

Seraphemz1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

What are these "whole" experiences? Why would the company feel necessary to FORCE you to get these things if you DONT WANT TO?

The PS4 gives you a CHOICE if you want to do motion.

With ONE, you have no CHOICE...

When the PS3 was a 100 dolllars MORE, people said that it was too much. But you got a bluray player, free online, and when I got it PS2 BW.
That didnt matter... cause it had to be about the games.

Now the PS4 is about the games... and people all of sudden think that its worth 100 dollars more because you can control your tv... ridiculous!

JW10801987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

A hundred dollars is a hundred dollars. It is a big deal I think. And I appreciate that the camera is not forced upon you. Sony gives you the freedom of choice. I can only speak for myself but I do not care about cameras and motion controls. Give me the console and the controller and the games of my choosing to use them. People don't like things forced upon them period. And by Sony allowing you freedom of choice. They saved me $100.00! They are listening and keeping an open mind to almost everything. And for those reasons alone they have my purchase and support. Thank you Sony.

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Williamson1987d ago

Awesome video haha. The crowd went so silent once he said $499 lol.

pompombrum1987d ago

Well at least Microsoft went to go first.. could you imagine how bad it would have been if Sony went first?

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