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Submitted by bunt-custardly 975d ago | video

PS4 vs Xbox One Pricing War - Sony tramples Microsoft video

So to take in all the excitement of the last few days and looking at the E3 presentations which both had their merits; but the biggest and most deadly blows came from the Sony camp. (PS4, Xbox One)

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   976d ago
Cant argue with 100$ less... its huge
marchinggamer  +   975d ago
I can when I get kinect better online service and better games
xHeavYx  +   975d ago
Lol, poor delusional Xbot.
$100 get's me PS+ (with 4 free games on the first month) and either a new controller or game
MasterCornholio  +   975d ago
I remember that in the past XBOX fans made the arguement that XBOX Live is a lot better than PSN because the subscription for online multiplayer allowed Microsoft to devote more resources to their online service.

Now that PS4 owners have to pay to play online what is your excuse now?

In my opinion not only is Sony providing a multiplayer service on the same level as Microsoft but with Gaikai and playstation pluses free games it makes it a lot better than XBOX Live gold.
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-GametimeUK-  +   975d ago
I'd rather not have a mandatory kinect, a paywall for netflix, youtube etc, DRM and not have my console brick after 24 hours of being offline.

If only there was a console that offered me this stuff and had Naughty Dog developing games for it... oh, wait...

PS4... and it's almost £100 cheaper.

I was pro MS until 08 because of Sony screwing over gamers with the PS3 launch. I'm not gonna support MS for having the same attitude.
aiBreeze  +   975d ago
Lol Xbox One gamers.. it's going to be like that episode of South Park with those energy saving car thingies.. they'll bump into each other and be like "GOOD FOR YEEEEWW" while everyone else is just shaking their head facepalming.

PS4 seems to be stomping on the Xbone though currently. Just checked the top preorder charts on ShopTo one of the best online retailers here in the UK.. Almost all the top preorders are for the PS4.
Army_of_Darkness  +   975d ago
PS+ will be even better now that it's fully funded!
Isn't that the main reason why Sony decided to charge for multiplayer? too have more funds to constantly improve PS+ and its online components, rather than budgeting and limiting all the time in order to keep the service free??

Anyhow, I hope I can manage to get a PS4 this holiday season by walk-in somehow lol!
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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   975d ago
marchinggamer.... go home your drunk.
ZBlacktt  +   975d ago
More powerful console and a TON of video games and video game content every month with plus. Like DriveClub, UC3, Infamous2, etc.... Plus no DMR, No 24 hr online, no spy camera.
JW1080  +   975d ago
Screw Microsoft and screw XBox One.
NatureOfLogic  +   975d ago
Xbox fail to outsale Playstation at a lower price with a year headstart. Will Xbox be as successful this gen releasing at the same time at a higher price point, remains to be seen.
BigShotSmoov007  +   975d ago
I understand $100 is a big difference in a game console but to me it doesn't mean to much just because of what the One can do and potentially do in the future. Lets not forget that yeah to One is $100 more but your getting the whole Xbox experience with it. If you take out the Kinect and just sell the console with the controller you'll probably looking at the same price for both consoles. With the PS4 your not getting the eye camera so to get the full Playstation experience you have to shell out close to another $100. I'm a gamer and will be getting both but I don't get it if your a true gamer that the $100 price difference matters that much. Both consoles will cost you roughly the same amount in the long run and you'll get your enjoyment and moneys worth out of both.
avengers1978  +   975d ago
The playstation eye is 60$. And an option... If the kinect breaks you have to go buy another, and I bet you it's not 60$... On the other hand you don't even need the ps eye for your PS4... So if you CHOOSE to buy one.
Of course MS put kinect in ever box the XB1 doesn't function at all with out it
lucaskeller1  +   975d ago
But but but..

Sony isn't shoving the camera down our throats and telling us the ps4 won't function without it. What about the majority of xbox fans not interested in kinect who will now be forced to spend 500 dollars without choice? Atleast with sony, if ps eye is your thing, you can always purchase it seperately.
Seraphemz  +   975d ago
What are these "whole" experiences? Why would the company feel necessary to FORCE you to get these things if you DONT WANT TO?

The PS4 gives you a CHOICE if you want to do motion.

With ONE, you have no CHOICE...

When the PS3 was a 100 dolllars MORE, people said that it was too much. But you got a bluray player, free online, and when I got it PS2 BW.
That didnt matter... cause it had to be about the games.

Now the PS4 is about the games... and people all of sudden think that its worth 100 dollars more because you can control your tv... ridiculous!
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JW1080  +   975d ago
A hundred dollars is a hundred dollars. It is a big deal I think. And I appreciate that the camera is not forced upon you. Sony gives you the freedom of choice. I can only speak for myself but I do not care about cameras and motion controls. Give me the console and the controller and the games of my choosing to use them. People don't like things forced upon them period. And by Sony allowing you freedom of choice. They saved me $100.00! They are listening and keeping an open mind to almost everything. And for those reasons alone they have my purchase and support. Thank you Sony.
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Williamson  +   975d ago
Awesome video haha. The crowd went so silent once he said $499 lol.
aiBreeze  +   975d ago
Well at least Microsoft went to go first.. could you imagine how bad it would have been if Sony went first?
Akuma2K  +   975d ago
The video is funny as hell, good stuff sony keep em
Tegrogg  +   975d ago
My post to all of these debates

Okay after watching the press conference, reading articles, reading comments on many different sites, I cannot just sit back and not post a comment ...

It needs to be some sort of balance

In the beginning I was totally sold on the PS4 to be my gaming device, but that was before the Xb1 announcement . I told my friends that I would wait until I saw something from Xbox...

E3 is here the build up before E3 was that Microsoft failed, and all the other rumors with the Xbox1 failing at being a gaming system. The press conference started and I was blown away by Metal Gear, not because it was Metal Gear but because of the graphics , now as a previous Xbox 360 owner I felt comfortable with what the Xbox1 could do, I went out and Preordered the system, and I preordered Nba 2k14, Battlefield and Watch Dogs all coming out on launch day.. Yes the PS4 is cheaper I was planning on paying at least $500 anyways , I am 30 yrs old , I work , I have a budget for my video game habit, also the fact that I have been waiting for Pc gaming to come on console for years, now let's look at all Xbox or Xbone has to offer entertainment , cloud computing, Xbox live, and the Kinect...... Cloud computing interested me the most because of the possibilities that can be done with it ..

Let's look at the PS4 and why I was sold on purchasing it, the PS4 is more powerful, I did not own a PS3, and maybe PS4 gamers may differ from Xbox gamers, these are solid reasons for me to go out and pre order the PS4 in my mind And then it hit me, Xbone offers more, if Microsoft is right the risk I take dispite all the negative press will be the right choice, the only thing I would lose out on by not owning a PS4 will be the power of the PS4, I will be pissed off if the multiplatform games look very different on the PS4, but I will be mad but I can live with it..

Now let's touch on what the mobs are talking about , all of the lynching being done towards Microsoft DRM, and checking in 24 hrs etc , Sony could have gone the same route with these policies, and with both companies doing the same thing I wonder what would be the determine factor in buying either system ? ah that's right games, power to deliver the games, multiplayer support, and extras, so to everyone out there stop being followers and become a leader
Mikelarry  +   975d ago
you say you are getting the xbox 1 because it offers more but you have not listed what it offers that cannot be found on the ps4

cloud computing can also be done on the ps4

basically from your post all i understood was you are comfortable with your 360 experience and will like to carry on, which is not a bad thing kudos to you but think about what you are giving up

have to check in online every 24 no matter what
you cannot upgrade your hard drive
you cannot share your games * easily*
publishers can dictate however they feel on what you get after you have paid 60$ for the game

just because you are not willing to try something different.all in all you are entitled to what you want to get
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Tegrogg  +   975d ago
The PS4 has a cloud for memory not cloud computing , I have money to buy new games , I only buy games that have replay value , sports shooters , skyrim type games etc ,

24 hr check in doesn't bother me , also I will see how that works on Xbox one , I don't need to share my games ,
Mikelarry  +   974d ago

ps4 can do cloud computing as well link below proves it


like i said previously it your choice but all the things you have listed for the xbox 1 ps4 can offer the same at a cheaper and better value
Seraphemz  +   975d ago
" stop being followers and become a leader" that makes no sense !!!

You are condoning a system that TAKES away your rights.
And on top of that...disregard a system that doesn't restrict you, and is $100 cheaper!!!

Make excuses all you want, but buying a Xbox1 is exactly why Microsoft does what it does... because its loyalist will take anything.
Tegrogg  +   975d ago
How am I a loyalist ? Read read read , I was 99% going to get a PS4 1% changed my mind and I believe in my decision
BigShotSmoov007  +   975d ago
Couldn't have said it better myself. I'm getting the One cause they have GAMES that really interest me that I can only play on the one. I'll be getting the PS4 also for that same reason. I got the feelng that most of these people thats sitting there trashing the One are doing it not because their really pissed off at what microsoft is doing, but because they are following the pack and will wind up getting the One anyways at some point.
despair  +   975d ago
Funny thing is as it stands right now MS has a stronger lineup of exclusive games(and that will change before launch I'm sure) and I want so many games from MS like Halo 5, Forza 5, Project Spark, Dead Rising 3 and even Ryse.

But the only reason I have yet to preorder an Xbox One is because of their policies. I refuse to support a model that will not let me play my games if their servers drop, or my internet dies or anything to do with online. I also don't like the idea of having to use the "cloud computing" to play my games like Forza 5 or any other ones they tout the cloud computing mantra.

MS might have great exclusives now but their policies are real and very detrimental to the future of the industry. And they are the only reason I do not plan on getting an Xbox One.
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ZBlacktt  +   975d ago
You call that strong? Oh my... Destiny is the new Halo and they are leaning towards the PS4 with exclusive content right out the gate. Same with Watch_Dogs. With DriveClub as the best detailed car game ever made for a console as reported. Backed with Gran Turismo 6 coming to the PS3. Killzone Shadows Fall, Infamous Second son, The Order 1886.

$100 cheaper
No DRM ( huge )
No 24hr online
More powerful console
High tech new Controller in DS4
PS Plus gives away hundreds of dollars in free games. Early Beta play for all, movies, etc.

That last time MS put out a new console it became the biggest fail rate console in the history of console gaming. Good luck this time around also.
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despair  +   975d ago

I can see you completely ignored most of my post, and on top of that you must be delusional to think that at this very moment MS doesn't have the stronger lineup. Firstly I will be getting GT6, KZ Shadow Fall, Infamous Second Son(my most anticipated game right now) and The Order 1886, but MS really showed more exclusives and quality ones at that.

To ignore that is to delude yourself, MS had much more variety in their conference, fewer multiplat titles and fewer titles shown already. We know nothing of the deals between Sony and devs for Watch Dogs and Destiny, but we know MS will get those games as well.

What I am saying is that we still have a lot of game reveals for both companies but if MS didn't have their policies then we would;ve truly entered a golden age of gaming where there is almost parity between the systems and strong and many exclusives that makes you want to own both consoles.
ZBlacktt  +   975d ago
Talk about delusional, who has by far the most internal gaming studios? Who wins Game of the Year awards. Not MS, in 2006 when there was no PS3 it went to Zelda Twilight Princess. When it comes to exclusive, MS is known for Halo and Gears. The rest is just console fans. Now that Halo's creators ( Bungie ) have moved more towards the PS4. Don't count on that as a MS specialty.

Sony owns Sony pictures, Sony TV, Sony Music. They are the worlds entertainment giant. The own the best selling console in the world along with the second best selling console in the world. The PS3 has even sold more then the XBox 360. There is nothing about MS that can touch Sony. Hell, MS just now stepped up to using a Blu-ray drive. Where Sony brought that to the gaming world 7 years ago. Yet, again look at this new XBox. A limited spy machine and yet you still cling to it like a drone. Like I said, good luck with it.

Enjoy paying full price or higher prices for used games. Make sure you build up a nice friends list so you can trade with "one" other person... Don't let you Internet go down for more then a day. I just dont think that is right as a gamer and you don't either it seems.
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ZBlacktt  +   975d ago
The MS guys always seem so goofy on stage, lol.
BigShotSmoov007  +   975d ago
I get what your saying Despair and I totally understand your feeling on that. But you can't hide the fact that the One is looking like a great gaming machine that has a bright future. Look how far the 360 has come over the years, if was can get that type of growth from the One, then there's no tellling what we can get or do with this thing in like 3 or 4 years. Plus the launch lineup is looking incredible right now.
Seraphemz  +   975d ago
PLEASE... what makes it a "great gaming machine"??? Im asking seriously. I want to know what makes YOU think that.
TheEnigma313  +   975d ago
You're in the minority if you think that the xbox1 has a bright future with the stunts they're pulling. Gamers are forming a mutiny against them. MS has very few supports right now.
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ZBlacktt  +   975d ago
You must be trolling, lol.... One great gaming machine with MS in total control over it. You own it, but they own it more. Good luck with that.
despair  +   975d ago
Yea I see your point of view on the Xbox One, it truly does have some amazing games. MS really stepped it up with the exclusives and not just shooters, I was truly impressed with Project Spark and its that kind of evolution that would draw me back to MS (or split me between Sony and MS anyways).

But the policies really can kill their gaming, they may have the most vibrant library of games (and still so many months before launch) in their history but the policies will not change. I cannot justify buying one and many people will feel the same. I want to play Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 badly but I hope there will be a PS4(or PC like Titanfall) version to get but its not like I will give up and get an xbox one and ignore their policies.

I do believe many people think like me and its not going with the mob but really and truly not liking or understanding what they are doing.

Also I do think that I might get one eventually but it will be years before I decide that and you might be right about the games and features in 3 to 4 years or you might not. Sure it could be like this gen where games just get better and better, but you need to sell systems to attract developers and you cannot survive on First Party games alone (look at the WiiU) and in 3 to 4 years they might not have the numbers to really survive or they might, but its in question now unlike the PS4 which is almost certainly guaranteed to be there a few years into the future with the traction its getting.
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BigShotSmoov007  +   975d ago
Now were questioning that the One is a great gaming machine? Come on now lets not let your fanboy ways blind you. It has great titles coming for it, great first and third party titles. Great online service. Very big and bright future to look forward with it's track record to prove it. Look at the 360 from when it was released and look at it now, completely different machine. Who know's what else they're going to intergrate with the machine as time goes on. Lets be realistic with this and stop being blind fanboys to 1 console.
despair  +   975d ago
yea I don't agree at all that it doesn't have games, it does. The rest is the problem for me.
aiBreeze  +   975d ago
Tbh he speaks the truth.. I hate the Xbone as much as many of you but to dismiss it completely is foolish. Microsoft have spent so much time effort in becoming a serious competitor (and innovator in some cases) in the gaming industry, is anyone really delusional enough to believe they will throw that away?

Right now, they think the people complaining are just the minority of hardcore following and that there are millions upon millions of gullible fools out there just waiting to be convinced they need some all in one device. If their thoughts prove wrong, they'll re-evaluate their strategy.

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