The Last of Us to have Pulse Elite Sound Preset

One of the members of Radio Playstation just spoke with some of the people at Naughty Dog earlier today and they confirmed that they are in fact working on a headset preset for the Sony Pulse Elite headset, specifically for The Last of Us.

No confirmation was given on when it would be available for download in the PS3 Elite App, but definitely something to keep an eye out for.

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Thatguy-3102011d ago

The pulse feedback gets you immerse and makes your heart pump harder when hell breaks loose.

zeee2011d ago

What is Pulis Elite app? I have the first version of the wireless headset but have no idea about the latest one. Too lazy to Google it too :D

jbond10102011d ago

The newer Pulse Elite headset has an app you can download from the PS Store and there are special sound presets for games (Bioshock Infinite is one that comes to mind).

They are basically sound profiles designed specifically for those games being used with the Pulse Elite headset. I'm not sure if it is compatible with the earlier Pulse headset.

Baka-akaB2010d ago

Hot damn , got one since release and didnt even know that

longcat2010d ago

it is not compatible with the first headset


Weird... I know that Beyond Two Souls is coming bundled with the older, wired, pulse headset here in Brazil (and other markets). Kind of expect that to be perfectly compatible since it's a bundle.

imt5582010d ago


Which earlier Pulse headset? I bought Sony Pulse at lanch and nothing change on them to date.

Prophet1122010d ago

I just think it's BS that I have to create a US PSN Account just to be able to download the Pulse Elite App.
I can't understand why it's not available in the European PSN Store.

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Blackdeath_6632010d ago

when will it be available in the uk at a reasonable price?

SonyNGP2010d ago

I never knew there was an app for that .-.

The_Klank2010d ago

I have the pulse and its really worth the £ but I was alittle sad when I went on the Uk Psn store and the Pulse App is not available to download. Must be just for the Us for now.

Prophet1122010d ago

Just YouTube "How to create a US PSN Account" and download the app from the US store.
I did it 2 hours ago with no problems.

MK24ever2010d ago

I'm from Portugal, i bought the headset from and downloaded the app from the US store.

So yeah, anyone can have the aplication, the headset only supports 5 presets at once, so you'll have to chose the presets you like the most.
It's kinda stupid there is no app on europe though...

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The story is too old to be commented.