GameSpy: Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Review

GameSpy writes: "Command & Conquer 3, the return of EA's seminal Command & Conquer franchise, brought back the kind of brute-force action-oriented "meat and potatoes" RTS that the genre's brainier grandchildren like Company of Heroes almost put out of business. The result was an enjoyable, hyper-speed RTS geared toward those who enjoy creating huge armies of toy soldiers and watching them blow each other up -- a lot. As the inevitable expansion pack for C&C 3, Kane's Wrath clearly isn't looking to mess up the nice little niche the series has carved for itself amongst strategy gamers. The result is a by-the-numbers addition to the Command & Conquer universe that offers some enjoyable new content to the faithful (along with a few missteps) but is ultimately an eminently forgettable addition to the game.

The expansion pack's best addition for single-player fans is easily Global Conquest mode. This is a turn-based RISK-style capture-the-world meta-game that, while not particularly original in concept, stands out as an excellent example of the breed."

-Enjoyable campaign
-Global Conquest mode
-Campy cutscenes

-New units are only for sub-factions
-Useless epic units
-Campaign puzzle maps

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