New Warhawk Map Biggest Ever: Importers Still Shafted


"You'll be able to buy the new Warhawk Pack very soon - in April actually (adding more evidence to the leaked release schedule) and we can provide you with some nouveaux screenshots. Sadly importers of the game will once again find it hard to buy the pack. At least there's a free patch."

Dylan Jobe finally gives an answer to importers, and expands on the size of the new icy map.

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-EvoAnubis-3492d ago

Can't wait! Broken Mirror, and then GTA4 a couple of weeks after that!

Skerj3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I'll have a couple fun weekends with Broken Mirror before P3:Fes. That shall consume my time up to and after GTAIV until MGS4 comes out. The only thing I don't like about the map packs is that the community gets splintered because not everyone can pay for them. Who knows, maybe they'll make a bundle with the Omega Factory for a discount like Insomniac did for Resistance.

fenderputty3492d ago

that's one of the things I don't like about paying for added content. It splits to community. Game like COD4 and RFOM had enough of a user-base to make it work. still ... I remember not being able to find large matches in RFOM when the map-pack was released.

It's 7 buck usually people. I can spend that in 30 min at a bar and never even think about it. 7 dollars for maps that last months/years is a good deal for your entertainment when you think about it like this. I mean even going to a movie cost more then 7 bucks and that lasts two hours.

c-redz3492d ago

dang u spend 7 bucks in 30 min at a bar... i must be a drunk!!!!

eagle213492d ago

"Warhawk New Map"....always welcomed!

EZCheez3492d ago

I know it had different layouts, but Zones isn't anywhere near as fun unless you're using the whole map. It's my least favorite of all the maps, with Eucadia being my favorite. The layout of that map is perfection.

And another thing, I thought $8 was a little too much for the Omega Factory update, so I'm going to wait before I buy this one.

Orange3492d ago

Not a fan of the Omega map. I dig Island Outpost.

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The story is too old to be commented.