G4's President Answers Questions about G4, TechTV

G4's President, Neal Tiles, answers community questions about G4, moving away from all videogame programming, TechTV, and more.

From G4 President, Neal Tiles:

"First off, we're going to start with one of our most popular questions, and one of the topics I hear about all the time, the overall direction of the network, and our decision to move away from pure "Videogame TV." There were a lot of questions about this, but here are a few that represent the overall theme, as a whole.

Let me preface all of my comments on these types of questions by saying that G4, and TechTV before it, has never been watched more than it is right now…since shifting away from an "all videogame" format…the network has realized huge ratings gains and web, VOD and podcasting traffic."

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TheHater3621d ago

This is an epic failure. I like when he stated that their has been increasing in views over the past 36 months. I more like they are loosing viewers of the pass 360 months.

iamtehpwn3621d ago

Network growth?
What about staying true the people like us who MADE the network even happen. Without us, the Loyal Gamer, you wouldn't have any "Audience" to expand to.

EZCheez3621d ago

You said it all right there. We're like the forgotten ones when someone hits the big time.

We helped techtv and G4 make it to where they didn't need us anymore.

Jinxstar3621d ago

Well... I agree but... There aren't enough of us to help them compete. I don't mind the Duty free TV or Lost or Heroes things they are going for. I am however sick of Cheaters and Cops.... Any other shows would have been better imo. If they could get a family guy block or futurama I would be stoked...

kydrice3621d ago

It's like how MTV rarely shows actual music videos. Soon every station will be nothing but mindless "reality shows" I can't wait for "Hangin with the Cooper" On CNN..

Oh how I miss TechTV...

KidMakeshift3621d ago

I would so watch that lol

Anderson Cooper could have his own Laguna Beach spin off

gEnKiE3621d ago

OMG, I miss TechTv.... The only reason I watch G4 now is because Adam and Morgan are still their, but even their show turned to sh!t now that their trying to act "hip".....Ohh, wait, Codemonkeys is a great show, if only they would bring it back for another season. I bet it wont though because they signed another deal to run "Cheaters"

360sucks3621d ago

adam and that other chick sucks

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The story is too old to be commented.