Accessibility: How Developers Can Create Games With A More Diverse Audience In Mind

Game Informer writes: Escapism – the ability to forget about the ordinary or unpleasant realities of life in favor of a preferable experience – is considered one of the chief reasons gamers indulge in their hobby. The longing to encounter things unobtainable in real life is hard to ignore once your imagination has been unleashed for the first time. In the virtual realm, we can be who we want despite real-world limitations. We can defy the laws of physics and ignore the technological confines of our greater culture. We can create new universes, new worlds and new life. We can make the rules and mold societies to follow our philosophies. In the world of video games, nothing is impossible. Escaping for even a minimal amount of time through a digital experience can engage our imagination, elevate our moods and chase away the mundane realities of everyday life. Sounds good, right?

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