G4 Reviews Dark Sector - 'A Gears Of War Clone Without the Fun'

It's time for Anti-hero ambiguity in Dark Sector for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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decapitator3763d ago

These guys are pretty harsh when it comes to reviews but Sessler seems really down on this..

solar3763d ago

i like sessler. and i respect his opinion. and damn did he rip it to shreds. maybe a rent.

decapitator3763d ago

Same here. Great guy even though he is hated by most gamers...

solar3763d ago

oh well. i like him and thats all that matters. :D

yesah3762d ago

yea, i dont think they were very fair to the game. But all to his own opinion.

sonarus3762d ago

the day i take G4 reviews seriously i will stop playing games.

Shaka2K63762d ago

Was fun ?


LastDance3762d ago

Would they have been working on this game before gears came out?
or not?

sonarus3762d ago

honestly speaking i really don't play games for fun anymore. It is more for entertainment. If a game is entertaining enough it scores. Sort of how you don't have fun watching a movie but you are entertained by it.

KidMakeshift3762d ago

They're a mixed bag when it comes to reviews

Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb don't actually review the majority of what's on X-Play. They are simply the narrators for the review segments

I'm surprised with the 2's they're handing out because those use to be reserved for really crap games. Mediocre titles like Dark Sector use to score 3's and even 4's, but I guess the scoring system has received too much scrutiny over time

ShAkKa3762d ago

x-play to me is a joke they are still in the times of sega and snes were a character on a game has to look stupid,jump ten times the high of their body,have fancy colors and big BIG heads.
this game is not meant to be fun this is for grown ups just not little babies like them.

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Blackmoses3763d ago

I would've pegged that one as a winner!! Well time to head over to my Gamefly Q and delete this one.

Clinton5143763d ago

It's like they never seen duck and cover games before Gears of War. If anything the camera angle is more similar to Resident Evil 4. Frickin clowns.

Seraphim3762d ago

not to even mention this game has been in the works since long before Gears of War was even a sperm finding its way to the 360. Even from the initial trailer of Dark Sector [long before the make over/s] it looked like the developers were shooting for a stealth action title. Matter of fact they probably said that at one point... But what really gets me is when reviewers call out Dark Sector as a Gears of War clone. Get over yourselves ladies and rate the game for it's own merits and quit calling games clones. I could come up w/ a list which makes any modern game a clone of something, if not an entire list... *shakes head* reviewers, what kind of idiot makes decisions off their opinions anyway? *shakes head*

and I just got to say this. Gears of War was awful mechanically. I know many will disagree, but I think it was awful. And every single friend I personally know feels the same way about it. It might have the graphics, and a decent story but the gameplay sucks... You want cover and shoot play Kill.Switch. At least that game was fluid, and fun.

Mclovin963762d ago

Seraphim what kind of drugs are you on and how do I get some? Dark Sector might have been in development for longer than gears of war but obviously the development wasn't going well and they changed the game. Now it IS a gears of war clone simple as that. I don't blame them, gears is one of the best games i've played in the last decade. It is not awful mechanically, the controls are damn near perfect and the gameplay is insanely fun. I seriously doubt you have ever played the game so take your fanboy crap somewhere else.

Seraphim3762d ago

um... so I'm a fanboy because I don't like Gears? Um.... Ok.... Guess maybe I should put down that 360 controller and start cracking out on my PS3 then? Matter of fact I just got MLB 08 The Show so maybe I should put down Lost Odyssey and just play baseball? It has been quite some time since I gave my PS3 some Love and God knows it deserves it... Yeah, just because someone doesn't like a popular exclusive doesn't mean they're a rabid fanboy. I have a 160 Gb PS3 [60 gig model] and a 360 Elite and an arsenal of old consoles and games to boot. I'm dam near 29, a gamer, and a gamer first and foremost and as such I'm certainly entitled to opinion. If the games are there the console is here, in this house, being played. So before you tell someone to take their "fanboy crap" elsewhere maybe you should do research into them. Had you looked at my profile or glanced at many of my postings you'd see otherwise. And for the record, every single friend I know who says the same thing about Gears doesn't even own a PS3. Most of my friends are XBOX junkies/fanboys...

the rest I'll leave as your opinion [about Gears] as it's idiotic and redundant to argue ones opinion. But mine is certainly different, and I firmly stand by everything I say about any game. Had Gears been a fluid game [not so clunky] it could have been excellent, but as it stands Gears is nothing more than an average-good game...

enigmaticheretic3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

People at G4 think Halo and Gears Of War are the end all be all games and it's sad people listen to their reviews of the games and don't judge for themselves. If the game is good or not i dont trust their reviews for any game on any system.

ShAkKa3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

they just have love for ds games god knows how they hate the psp.

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