New HDD For Your PS3? Say Good Bye To Your Old One Forever

Pwnpatrol writes:

"I just learned the hard way that once you install a new hard drive into a Playstation 3 that the old one will no longer be accepted and will need to be formatted to be used again."

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GETPWNT3765d ago

old news that you guys have gotten used to the fact that PS3 sucks a lot time ago? We know.

-EvoAnubis-3766d ago

What a moron! Are you telling me he didn't have the sense to stick all his gamesaves on a memory stick, or a PSP, or a USB Flash drive, or an SD card, or something? I'm sorry, but he deserved what he got. That's just stupid.

wow4u3766d ago

"All his saves"? That could be many many GB of data. Is there no way to transfer your data to the new HD directly?

That's a seriously bad design.

-EvoAnubis-3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

He could have every single PS3 game on the worldwide market and all of them on PSN, including PS1 Classics from each region's Store, and the gamesaves would still be less than 1.5GB.

Skerj3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Anubis is right, the guy didn't do research before doing that apparently, because I thought you needed to backup to like an external USB drive or something. He also said he tried to use Ghost with an enclosure, how come he didn't use the enclosure to begin with to migrate all his stuff to the 250gb?

Genesis53766d ago

Yeah just dump them on to a flash drive it's not hard. I dump all my completed PS3 and PS2 game saves on to the same 1 gig flash drive and there is still tons of space on it.

Cryos3766d ago

Why would you even try this without first reading something about it?

very very foolish

Fux4Bux3766d ago

""All his saves"? That could be many many GB of data. Is there no way to transfer your data to the new HD directly?

That's a seriously bad design."

The actual game saves are tiny. There's no need to transfer any install data and you can redownload anything you got on PSN. There's really absolutely no problem here unless you're a moron.

whoelse3766d ago

He doesn't deserve it. But he should have backed it up certainly.

tatical3766d ago

"All his saves"? That could be many many GB of data. Is there no way to transfer your data to the new HD directly?

By reading your comment, you probably don't have a PS3. My game saves are rarely over 1 MB, most of them are around 400 kB (0.4 MB).

athlon7703766d ago

If you owned a PS3, you would know that right in the menu tree is a option to back up "ALL" data, however how many gig is on the drive and you can back it up to a external usb hard drive.

It is something that is done quite simply and in fact the most difficult part of the ordeal is formatting the external hard drive to fat32 which the PS3 and the 360 recognize.

I understand that maybe everyone might not have a spare external usb hard drive laying around the house, but as stated above, he should of put his game saves onto a thumb drive which even a 2gig stick costs under $30.00.

Heck, I have a 512meg card constantly in my PS3 (I have the original 60gig version) that once a week, I copy my game saves over too as a just in case type of deal, and once a month, I do a full backup of my internal drive to my external drive.

MikeGdaGod3766d ago

i changed my HDD months ago and it was extremely simple.

first, everywhere you look for info on how to swap drives clearly tells you to save all game saves to a memory card or USB. most places have this printed in bold just so everyone can see how important this step is.

this guy obviously didn't do ANY research and now he's f*cked.

-EvoAnubis-3766d ago

"Heck, I have a 512meg card constantly in my PS3 (I have the original 60gig version) that once a week, I copy my game saves over too as a just in case type of deal, and once a month, I do a full backup of my internal drive to my external drive."

This is EXACTLY what I do, down to the size of the memory stick in my PS3.

tweaker3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Bad design?....nice one! since when did game saves take GB of data? lol

SL1M DADDY3766d ago

You sir are ignorant and should not be posting about something you know nothing about. I for one just recently swapped out my HDD and simply backed up the game saves to a thumb drive. Once the install was completed in about two minutes, I simply copied the saves to the new HDD and was good to go. If the idiot in the article did not read up on how to successfully do the swap (as it is illustrated in the MANUAL), then he should simply give up on electronics all together.

Oh, and as for your "poor design" comment... At least it's not a 180 dollar 120gb HDD that can only be used on a proprietary system. Over priced HDD space is worse.

Jinxstar3766d ago

@ n4user1

I have 16 games for PS3. I saved them all to a 1 gig mem stick and didn't even fill up 25% of it. The only thing that was kinda a pain was reinstalling all the games. DMC4 and HS and such... Still though I lost no save games... No excuse imho to not have saved games.

BrianC62343765d ago

I agree. The guy is an idiot. Crying about his tiny problem. Oh wow, big mean Sony. They stopped him from copying his data. That will teach him.

Funny how this is the first time this problem has come up after more than a year. Even if this problem is real big deal. Just back up your data before you do anything else. Problem solved. I don't think most people do things backwards like he does.

wow4u3765d ago

Wow, so much vitrol. Perhaps they could have done like Xbox 360 and provided a free cable, plugin the cable, transfer the data. ALL of it. Done.

So, the game saves are only a couple GB - what about the other data? How do you move that? The installs? The Downloaded Games? The music, movies and pictures you may have put there (though, for the life of me, I dont know why anyone would put data on a closed box like a video-game console as opposed to using a machine on your home network or a external drive... but I digress).

But the fact that you _cannot_ move data off the machine WITHOUT jumping through all kinds of hoops, means the design is terrible.

The mass-market is what has to do all this. And, if this feature isnt designed properly -- like Sony has failed here -- its not ready for prime-time.

This forum is up in arms, why? Because they arent looking at it rationally.

Sure, you _can_ do it. But, the method Microsoft implemented is vastly superior.

BlackCountryBob3765d ago

You just are not listening are you?

The HDD is standard so there is no need for a daft 360 style proprietary cable to transfer data. There is an option on the PS3 menu to backup every single piece of data and settings to a external source like a USB hard drive, this includes all installs, demos, music, pictures, game saves and PSN material. This is good design, its not quite as elegant as say the Apple time machine system using the wifi hard drive but it is in actuality no different to the backup method employed by every single PC/Linux and is still available on Apple macs so its hardly new or confusingly original.

IMO its very good in fact as it places responsibility on the user to care for their data.

This guy was an idiot, he should have looked at some FAQs about how to change HDDs and he would have learnt this, he is suffering from his own stupidity. And also, any idiot should have known that before you do any work like that to a system you should perform a backup before anything else.

For what its worth, he can rip his music again, transfer his photos, re-download his PSN games (no DRM) and his games will install again, he has lost his saves which is something that could have been avoided if he had done some very very minor research first, all this could have been avoided with something as small as a 64mb USB for his saves!

athlon7703765d ago

I understand what you are saying, and I partly agree with you. When I upgraded from a 360 pro to a 360 elite, there was nothing I could do to save my data from the old 20gig hard drive. Luckily, one of my friends did the upgrade route and had the cable and install disc. So, no, Microsoft did not make it painless as you are implying, but if using the upgrade kit, with the cable and disc, yes, you attach the cable to the new drive, start up the 360, pop in the disc, and wait 3hrs for the system to do whatever it needs to do.

With the PS3, anyone and everyone can upgrade their hard drive easily. As I stated before, the hardest thing to do is format the external hard drive you will use as fat32. After that, it is a five step process...

1) select back up data from the menu.
2) remove original hard drive
3) insert new hard drive
4) power on PS3 and say 'yes' to format new hard drive
5) restore saved data

ALL data will be restored this way, any music you ripped, any movies you saved, any game data that was saved to the system, even that 5gig DMC4 mandatory install!

If you consider this is more difficult than the 360 way, well that is your opinion but I doubt few around here will agree with you since PS3 owners can CHOOSE any size 2.5" SATA hard drive they want and slap it into the system...oh and when we purchase a 120gig hard drive, it does not cost us $180.00!

wow4u3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

"When I upgraded from a 360 pro to a 360 elite, there was nothing I could do to save my data from the old 20gig hard drive." == wrong.


You can get the cable from Microsoft -- for free -- here:

So, you didnt need to borrow the cable, they'll send you one for $0.


To make your "simple 5-step process" work, you need an external HD that is _larger_ than the HD on your PS3.

Very very few people have one of those lying around. For the mass market, the Xbox 360 method is vastly easier.

For the PS3 method, you need to get inside the PS3, you need to be able to identify what a bare-HD is, you need a large external HD, you need to follow a menu system to perform a "backup" ("uh, what is that" asks Ms. Soccer Mom).

The Xbox 360 method? Two clicks, insert disc, done.

It's laughable to argue otherwise. What is "easier"? Paying a couple extra bucks for a HD, and a clean transfer method or buying a computer harddrive and putting it into your videogame machine, getting a third-party device ("I dont have one of those, what does GB mean?" says Mrs. Soccer Mom), and choosing some obscure menu option ("hey, there are no instructions in my HD box on how to do this!" - Mrs. Soccer Mom)

Lets not be silly here. Yes, using any HD is nice for those who care about a few bucks savings, but for those who just want an easy upgrade, the Xbox 360 is _vastly_ superior.

callahan093765d ago

Quote: ""All his saves"? That could be many many GB of data. Is there no way to transfer your data to the new HD directly?

That's a seriously bad design."

Bad design or not, it's still by far the best design any console has had ever had as far as hard drives are concerned. The 360 doesn't give you the choice of using any 2.5" sata hard drive, which means if you want to upgrade your 360 drive you have to buy a very overpriced proprietary drive. And there's no way to transfer the files directly in that scenario, either.

callahan093765d ago

Uh, you're making it out to be a lot more difficult than it actually is.

There is a clearly labeled plastic cover on the side of the PS3 that says "Detach this cover when removing the hard disk." You detach it and there's a screw to remove, then you see the hard drive, and nothing else. There's no need to identify the hard drive, because it's the only thing you see. You pull it out, put in the new one, and screw the screw back on, put the cover back on, and done.

To back up your existing hard drive before installing the new one, you need an external hard drive. Or a flash card. It's no big deal. These things are inexpensive.

Anyway, to replace the PS3 hard drive, all you need is the basic ability to read and use a screwdriver.

Enigma_20993765d ago

... when you remember that you can back up your data on a seperate storage unit and then back to the new HDD?


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Bleucrunch3765d ago

Yes he should have done some type of research before doing that because the same thing happened to me and I lost everything because I was sooo hyped about gettin my 200gb hard drive so I feel for him....very dumb on both our parts.

fenderputty3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

looks like the guy just pwned himself and then let everyone on the internet know how bad the self-pwnage was. lol

He even admits that the majority of the data was media. He then says he's not that pissed about the media. Well ... why didn't you just back up your saves and leave the media out of it?

Come on guy ... no back ups?

Tempist3765d ago


Come on, people, Sony included the instructions to upgrading the harddrive for a reason. Also that's no excuse for not backing up game saves.