New Team Fortress 2 Content Scheduled for Mid-April; Includes Goldrush, New Weapons

The next batch of content for the PC edition of Team Fortress 2 -- including the new Goldrush map, unlockable weapons, and Meet the Scout video -- is slated to arrive the week of April 20, Valve has informed Shacknews.

Outside of that general timeframe, a specific release date for the new content was not provided.

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solar3738d ago

oh im sooooooo happy :D i love the "Meet The" videos. especially the demoman one. and i cant wait for the pryo one hehe.

JsonHenry3737d ago

Sweet, only a 2 months past when they first said they would release it. NICE! Last time I heard this I had to wait 2 more years. (half life 2)

I can't wait!

solar3737d ago

but when it arrives it doesnt disappoints :D

TheIneffableBob3738d ago

I look forward to mid-April. :D
Team Fortress 2, when played with a good community, is one of the finest multiplayer experiences to be had.

solar3737d ago

yes it is! i regular 2 servers ran by the same clan and ive become buddies with a lot of peeps and we have a great time yakking it up and killing. one of the admins even put alltalk on to raz me after i fireaxed him as a heavy twice! we had a great laugh.