GAF: Dark Sector Review

GAF writes: "Hayden Tenno has a problem, not the least of which is the giant spinning blade coming out of his right arm that always seems to return when he throws it. He also happens to be infiltrating a former Soviet satellite called Lasria in order to stop a rogue scientist from unleashing an infection that turns your ordinary everyday human into a walking pile of death with skin made of steel.

This is the scenario you'll be greeted with after playing through the first hour of Dark Sector. The developers at Digital Extremes knows their guns (from working on the console versions of the Unreal series and from the Xbox FPS Pariah), and while there is plenty of shooting to be had, it's really all about the aforementioned blade. Dark Sector is the glaive, and the glaive is Dark Sector; get familiar with it or else Hayden Tenno won't last long enough for you to say 'Gee, this game is pretty.'"

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