New Firefox Update Released; Fixes Multiple Vulnerabilities

Mozilla on Wednesday released an update to resolve six vulnerabilities, two rated as critical, in its Firefox web browser.

Version staves off the possibility of spoofing, cross-site scripting and malicious code installation that could result from exploitation.

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mighty_douche3680d ago

That's the new official FireFox logo now huh... I can live with it.

pwnsause3680d ago

pic is kinda hot, but it could be a trap!!!

decapitator3680d ago

Nah its not a trap. I just installed this updated. I have been using the beta version for a while now. I just switched to the older version to update it.

AlterEgo3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

man... Firefox 2 is AWESOME and i've been using it for some time now

but FF 3 Beta runs like a tortoise on my PC =(

I hate it because everybody else is enjoying the beta...but I can't.

I have tried each FF3 beta so far, and always have to resort back to FF2

I guess I'll have to wait for the final release

Shaka2K63680d ago

What i want is FireFox 3 bad, real bad.

DarKnight13680d ago

They give you two good reasons to switch...... lol.

Kholinar3680d ago

btw... If you'd like to know more about the girl, the info is here:

Decent photoshop job by a Firefox enthusiast.

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