Sports Illustrated Reviews: MLB 08 The Show writes: "Pitchers and Catchers: The pitching and batting interfaces eschew the analog innovations shown in the MLB 2K series, feeling more like the classic High Heat PC baseball series. If you don't like pushing buttons to pitch and swing, you might find the old school methods uninteresting, but The Show's controls work well and I can't say I missed using the right analog stick. When you're batting, you guess the pitch and the location and, if you guess right, you get an onscreen cue. One button for a regular swing, one button for a power swing, one button for a bunt. It's simple to learn, difficult to master and it works very well.

Mixing Things Up: The computer throws a realistic -- if confounding -- mix of strikes and balls that really makes you work the count. Swing at everything and the computer will throw you junk until you stop. If the computer has you down 0-2 in the count, you're going down if you don't protect the plate. And, for once in a video baseball game, you can actually draw walks if you're patient."

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eagle213712d ago

Sports Illustrated did a good review. They gave the gameplay 9.5 and the graphics 9.0. Holla! They didn't have the dualshock 3, but I can let you guys know, it helps in a great way. It's mechanical rumble (you will know what I mean when you play).