Gamedaily: Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol Encore Review

Gamedaily writes: "American Idol comes to the Xbox 360 in the absurdly named video game, Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol Encore. Published by Konami, makers of the hit Dance Dance Revolution franchise, Idol lets you live out your superstar fantasies from the comfort of your living room, allowing you to virtually audition for and win the nationwide competition by using the included microphone to sing. It's a neat karaoke game with a slick license, but a low song count coupled with a somewhat bland presentation keep it from being the ultimate singing experience.

Idol plays similar to most karaoke video games, with you doing your best to remember the lyrics and match the pitch to a series of popular songs. Words scroll along the bottom of the screen, and you must sing them clearly as they reach the Now bar, a vertical white line. In addition, you must also pay close attention to the Pitch Arrow, doing your best to keep it from rising (too high) or falling (too low). In addition, a Crowd Meter lets you know how pleased the audience is with your performance, and hitting notes correctly during a song's phrase earns combos that'll rack up lots of points. In similar fashion to other music games, Idol rates your overall performance on a scale that ranges from Great to Lousy."

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