Safari 3 Gets Close with 98/100 in Acid3 Test

It looks like Opera 9.5 is no longer the only one "in the lead". The latest Safari 3 nightly release scores 98/100 as well.

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decapitator3706d ago

interesting scores there. More interested in firefox's score.

PS360WII3706d ago

What kind of test is this? 98/100 must be good though ;)

decapitator3706d ago

Exactly. 98/100 is right up there so that means good news.

Lotto3706d ago

The test tests how well your browser shows Web standards

You can take the test here

Arriemo3706d ago

The latest opera build gets 100/100. Sorry Safari, you just got owned. Again.

Kholinar3706d ago

In the lab. They stated that they'll have a tech preview of this functionality in a week or two.

98% on Webkit is now, however. I'm running it on my computer and you can too. So... it'll be owned if it actually happens.

Just like with IE8 beta 1, passing an Acid test means nothing if it crashes half the time.

dikturbo3706d ago

On my Powerbook and it scored 75/100. Mind you I do have a number of personal settings that likely screwed up the score as it was supposed to be set to factory default. Out of interest I ran 52/100 on version

I have been a fan of Safari ever since I 'converted' to mac 6 years ago. Best browser I've ever used. Although I'm not a big fan of it on a PC (real buggy).

Just my 2 cents.