Take-Two: 'BioShock' MMO And Movie Are 'Potential Opportunities'

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick, speaking at the 2008 Smid Cap Conference today, is explaining why his company is rejecting EA's offer to purchase the company for $26/share. In the process, he is detailing Take-Two developers' past successes, current projects and future opportunities.

Gamers, let me direct you to slide 24 of Zelnick's presentation, "Potential Untapped Opportunities."

-Next to "MMOG/Online Gaming" we've got "Civilization" and "BioShock" listed under the column "Potential Take-Two Opportunities.

-Next to "Traditional Media (Film/DVD)" we've got "BioShock" as a "Potential Take-Two Opportunity."

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decapitator3712d ago

And here I was thinking multiplayer would be hard to impossible on this game and now they are thinking MMO ? hmm. This should be interesting.

TheMART3711d ago

Multiplayer has never been impossible. They just didn't have the time to implement it properly on Bioshock 1. They also didn't want to have an unfinished Single Player to be able to add a MP.

By releasing the first part they already announced MP will be in Bioshock 2.

Thus: I don't see any probs by having a MP or an MMO with Bioshock in the future.

Captain Tuttle3711d ago

Every developer that has even a mildly successful game thinks about making it into an MMO. Everyone thinks they can get the revenue of WoW. Probably won't happen.