Opera Browser Scores 100/100 On Acid3 Test; Beats Safari by 2 Points

My Opera writes:

"We have some excellent news! Lars Erik Bolstad, the Head of Core Technology at Opera Software, sent me the following information to share:

We will release a technical preview version on within the next week or so. For now, the screenshot above shows the Acid3 test as rendered in our latest WinGogi Desktop build. WinGogi is the Windows version of our reference builds used for the internal testing of Opera's platform independent Core."

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crazy250003648d ago

Im curious how well Firefox will do!

decapitator3648d ago

I am curious as well but confident based on the reports we've heard about the three browsers.

TheIneffableBob3647d ago

Firefox 3 Beta 4 scores a 68/100 on the Acid3 test.

Leg-End3648d ago

opera's the best browser imo

Mr_Kuwabara3648d ago

QFT super underrated also.

Enigma_20993648d ago

... but now I'm having trouble accessing some sites... that work perfectly fine in Firefox...

Torch3648d ago

What's a "Brower"?


Skerj3648d ago

Up until Firefox I used Opera exclusively, now I use them both for some reason.

WelshGunner3647d ago

Internet explorer scored 5 for me

Kyur4ThePain3647d ago

Same score here with IE.
FF v2 got 52.
Safari got 75.

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