Spotlight, Then Denied "MS Screws Another Gamer"

Devin Kofsky from 360sync writes:

"First off, we would like to say congrats to "Cow Moolester" for being on the Xbox Spotlight on When we first saw the name, we couldn't help but laugh at the GamerTag. However, due to the new popularity, it seems that all is not well…

While we don't usually post Spotlights here on the site, we decided to make a special exception for Cow since we feel that he is being treated unfairly. After recieving the spotlight, someone actually complained that his gamertag had "moolester" in it, which he claims means "to disturb, interfere with, or annoy." Whether he is telling the truth, we don't really care, since what kind of reward is to be spotlighted and then told to change his name?

So, 360Sync is standing up for Cow, and hoping that the fine folks at Xbox can undo this mistake from happening."

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Syko3678d ago

Since Cow Moolester is a fellow N4G'er I say we make this story as hot as the sun and fight the power on this injustice!!

F MS on this one!!! Tell the people complaining about his tag to stuff it!

iceice1233678d ago

But I don't want my kid slaughtering aliens online all day to end up seeing an offensive name like "Cow Moolester". It is just not appropriate.

ENNO3678d ago

shut up you idiot...I guess you dont let him watch TV or read the news paper if thats the case....its a witty turn on a name, nothing go over-protect your child somewhere else!

snoop_dizzle3678d ago

your like gonna be famous!

SL1M DADDY3677d ago

My kid was standing behind me when I read your post and sure enough he asked me that fated question of what bovine molestation was all about... God the world could all burn for this now.


It just won't be the same if you can't have your good name bud.

snoop_dizzle3678d ago

yes honor of cow molester never mind!

Either way he should be able to keep his tag name!

Ru3678d ago

Fight the Power!
If there was a petition I'd sign it!

Syko3678d ago

I think the title "MS Screws another Gamer" would have had this thing around 500 degrees already....Probably should've done that. You know how it works around here Ru! =)

snoop_dizzle3678d ago

bubbles for cow molester!

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The story is too old to be commented.