The Nintendo Wii's 2008 third party line-up: 10 of the best

Amongst a number of mistakes and oversights that Nintendo only has to blame on itself, one of the main reasons that its consoles languished in last place behind its competitors in the past two generations was a lack of continued, comprehensive support from third party developers. However, with the arrival of the Nintendo Wii (despite a reserved first year from many quarters), things are looking very much on the up.

Whether core or casual gaming is your bag, what we know of upcoming third party releases for Wii in 2008 is looking very promising indeed. With this in mind, Nintendic has chosen ten of what it thinks will be the non-Nintendo-developed Wii games to look out for as the year unfolds.

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Ricdog3768d ago

now thats the game i want

Spydr073768d ago

Overall, I. Am. Not. Impressed.

hotrider123768d ago

Im still waiting on nintendo to pull out some up-graded classic games
not all this kiddy crap games they should make some of the snes games for the wii instead of vc not everyone have high speed connection. I do, but not everyone

TheTerminator3768d ago

Failure line up IMO

If thats the best then the wii realy isnt for hardcore

nirun3768d ago

i can see all those titles sparking some sort of interest in MANY wii users. remember viewers, if you're on this site you probably DON'T play the wii.

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