WorthPlaying: Teenage Zombies Preview

Back in the mid-'90s, there was a particular type of 2-D platform-adventure game that was all the rage. These platformers were a mix between action and puzzle games, revolving around three teammates, each with their own special abilities, who would have to traverse through danger-filled areas; players would have to switch between the characters at will in order to progress. Titles like Blizzard's Lost Vikings, Warner Brother's Animaniacs and Nickelodeon's Ahh! Real Monsters! were all part of this short-lived genre.

However, once the PlayStation took off and 3-D games started to get big, this type of game faded into the ether. With the popularity of the DS and its brand of 2-D gameplay, however, this long-dead genre can finally rise from the grave with Teenage Zombies: Attack of the Alien Brain Thingys.

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PS360WII3620d ago

This game sounds fun and seems to have a nice twist :)