Xbox One: "Everything Will Be Connected To The Internet Eventually" Says Diablo Dev

Our team at E3 have been talking to Jason Bender, Senior Designer on Blizzard's console port of Diablo 3, and we managed to get his opinions on the Xbox One and PS4.

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BadboyCivic1528d ago

I agree but don't force the issue.

NatureOfLogic1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

I agree. I think It's too early to force every to be connected. We're just not there yet, as far as Internet availability/bandwidth goes.

darthv721528d ago

is going off the statistic that there are more people now connected than ever before. to a degree....they are right.

10 years ago when live launched it was met with some criticism and it has endured over the years but with each year more and more people got internet access and as such, more people joined online services like netflix and hulu and what have you.

So there are more people that are connected now than there was even 1 year ago. It is a growing trend to want to be able to access information anytime anywhere. MS is just going about their method of forcing it on people a bit to strong.

People dont need to be forced, they need to be persuaded. sony will likely do their best to persuade people to connect their system and people will do it because it isnt being forced on them.

NameRemoved00171528d ago

Wait about 10 years then come back microsoft when most of the US is on fiber optics

badkolo1528d ago

no one is forcing anyting, just dont buy it, your not forced to get with the times

FarEastOrient1528d ago

Eventually yes, but you can't ignore the size of the markets that has already been considered in play. Like India, China, South America, and Eastern Europe. These economies are rising and eventually get to parity with the European market in general. It'll be a awhile before anyone can surpass the United States in market share.

JokesOnYou1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

hdshatter "Wait about 10 years then come back microsoft when most of the US is on fiber optics"

-huh, what do we need fiber optics for? sure that will be great in 10yrs but broadband has been doing just fine working with lots of our everyday devices, glad you having nothing to do with future tech, we'd still be using beepers, lol

UK -83.6%
Germany -83%
Japan -79.5%
US -78.1%

"The figures don’t lie and what’s probably reason enough to drop non connected households is the fact that in the biggest gaming countries, there are more people with Internet connections than those without."

-Whats even more telling is that the numbers are likely much, much higher among those who already own a 360 or ps3.

Dee_911528d ago

Nobody is denying that everything will be connected.But a connection to function is completely stupid and its more dumb than relying on oil the way we have.Do we not learn?

Crazy Larry1528d ago

Well said badkolo.
I'm confused why everybody keeps using the word "forced." Those that buy the X1 obviously have the internet and won't mind hooking it up online. MS isn't forcing anybody. There is no gun to your head demanding you get internet and buy their console. This is a great way to get people with the digital age; those that want to, will, those that don't can skip it. Simple.
FYI, I have both consoles preordered, and will enjoy them boy since I'm not fanboy retard.

JokesOnYou1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Crazy Larry

"Forced", hell if anything they basicly came right out and said if you don't have internet X1 is not for you, get a 360.

-harsh but true, except obviously the next gen alternative would be a ps4 or perhaps wii-u.

-they are truly setting their brand apart as the "connected console" for better or worse, funny most here that complain about it, over and over again ironicly won't be affected.

BitbyDeath1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

@Jokes, 31 million 360 users are not internet connected.

It is almost half their userbase so I wouldn't consider it small.

Bimkoblerutso1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Almost everything already is connected. That's not the issue. The issue is the requirement.

rainslacker1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

"-they are truly setting their brand apart as the "connected console" for better or worse, funny most here that complain about it, over and over again ironicly won't be affected."

Yeah funny that. Shouldn't that point out that just because it's available, that that doesn't automatically mean that we want it to function in that manner, or that it should be required?

The real problem here is that these forced connections for owning the console are not to improve game play(well it can do that I guess), they're to control the consumer. No matter how much you shiny up the product, the truth remains, people will be opposed to being controlled, even if on a subconscious level. This won't change when everyone has matter how reliable or ubiquitous it is. Only the people willing to accept an eventuality are OK with being controlled. They are slaves to the future, not freemen of the present.

If there was a real benefit to being connected, the transition would happen naturally, and there would be no need to implement it in such a manner, because most people would do so anyways. You know how I know this? Because so many people have their systems always online now.

In the meantime, and even whenever this eventuality comes, it's best not to remove a portion of your user base, because if you do, you end up making them unhappy, and someone else will happily pick up their loyalty. You know how I know this? because it's what's happening right now with Sony getting all the love.

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ArchangelMike1528d ago

The issue is not about being connected, or not, to the internet.

The issue is the fact that if your are not connected to the internet, your can't play your games on the Xbone.

That's the issue that gamers have a problem with. It's a problem on PC (Diablo III, Simcity etc etc), and it'll be a problem on consoles.

badkolo1528d ago

but you can all day for 24 hours then it needs to check in, i dont see this as a issue, im online all day, my fios is as well, if my net goes down so does my tv but it never has happened in 5 years, my phone is connected all day, times are changing and everyone is just being a big baby about it all. what happens when it all goes digital including sony, then what , will you all cry.

Rhaigun1528d ago


That's all fine and well for you, but here in Oklahoma, extreme weather knocks out infrastructure all the time. Its not uncommon to lose internet connection from downed lines and such. Most of the time, all is well. But, I lose power, internet or satellite probably a total of 10 days every year.

Should I have to pay the price because I live in a certain part of the country?

Crazy Larry1528d ago

Then don't buy the X1...simple.
For those of us that don't live in Oklahoma, we should be fine. You're not "paying the price" for anything unless YOU choose to.
(I actually love Oklahoma; I'm there on business all the time)

denawayne1527d ago

I wish Microsoft would come out and simply say "We NEED everybody to be online so that all the devs, 1st and 3rd party, will develop games KNOWING everybody is online. I can already see that most if not all games will make use of the cloud because of this. I'm excited to see what gaming becomes because of this.

Now, with this kind of setup, explain to me how this would work without some sort of DRM?

rainslacker1527d ago

Devs could do that now denawayne. There is nothing preventing them from making an online game. That dev has to decide if it's worth giving up the sales from the install base that don't have the ability, or choose not to be online though.

Basically, there are people who this won't affect much at all, but there are a lot of people that it will effect in some way or another.

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ceedubya91528d ago


That's it right there. Ease us into it, instead of forcing it from the jump.

SeriousSam1528d ago

Lets just pour a little KY Jelly on the future to make easing it in a little bit easier. HOW can this be any easier? Buy it, or don't.

ceedubya91527d ago

Haha. Easy there guy. I'll admit, it is extremely annoying, but not a complete deal breaker for me. I'll be getting both consoles, but I'd be lyiing if I didn't say that the One's policies weren't a bit dissapointing in some aspects.

solar1528d ago

i agree as well, but the issue has to be forced at some time. the gaming industry is the biggest whiners when it comes to 2nd hand sales of any other entertainment industry. it's going to come, not by consumers wishes but by the industry wishes.

one of the reasons the PC makes a bunch of money for the big guns nowadays is because of the lack of used games sales on the platform. that is what Sony and MS are striving for. but, for this console gen they are taking the approach of "we aren't evil, we will let the publisher decide on 2nd hand sales".

which, imo shouldnt be left up to the publishers. pick one stance, and stand for it.

rainslacker1527d ago

It doesn't have to be forced. If it's truly beneficial, and people accept those benefits, the transition will come naturally. There would be no need to implement such measures, because people would just do it. Not all people of course, but it's up to the developers to decide if they want to lose those customers by not implementing an offline mode.

webeblazing1528d ago

buy everything goes offline. FACT!!!

ShabbaRanks1527d ago

Yup my Internet glitched 2 days ago for some retarded reason and I couldnt finish watching a movie on Netflix -_-

I live in Montreal Canada btw and it doesnt happen alot, but when it does I want to kill a newborn child !!!!!!!


I agree, but only when the internet is as readily available as our basic electricity supply...

until then what is the point trying to force it and pissing off people who don't have it available on a consistent bases?

Patrick1527d ago

This is not about being always connected. Its about MS selling you physical media and then telling you what you can and cannot do with it. Its about them trying to control the market, and thats what they are doing.
Yes, we are heading to a purely digital future, but we aren't there yet and it will happen without MS controlling it. The free market works that way. If Ms wants to get there so quickly, why does the xbone take disk...hell just leave it out MS....what are you, chicken? .... Yeah, see, they know people aren't ready for a console with no this is the only way to keep it and still control it. They want it both ways...and for me, they can't have it both ways....I will never support this. PS4 on preorder, bring on launch day.

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Conzul1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Remember the 90's?

Ahhh, those were the days. If you wanted to network, you had to actually talk to people in person. Or over a phone.

Now it's a bunch of thumbnail heads and "lolz" and stultifying banality.

Complete connection is only good if it **does good**
Right now, it's only being pushed as a means to restrict, control, and surveil people.

Upbeat1528d ago

I hope not, not everyone is lucky enough to have an internet connection like the US, Japan and Holland.

Gigaguy7771528d ago

You hope that technological advancement doesn't occur?

wenaldy1528d ago

hence the word "eventually".