Why Are Gamers Ashamed of Their Hobby?

"At the risk of going off the deep end of hyperbole, afford me just the one statement upfront: Why are gamers ashamed of their own hobby?

Now that the hyperbole is out of the way, let me more narrowly define and explain that statement. Among the gaming community there is a growing segment of people that fervently want video games to be viewed as an "artistic" medium, on the same level of literature, film and music. In video game message boards across the Internet, debates rage about this topic, and the argument is always made that "if 'we' (gamers) want games to be taken seriously, 'we' must do …" That ellipses could mean anything; that game reviews should be a "critique" instead of a "product review", that journalists should be more hard hitting with their reporting, that games should tackle complex social and moral problems, or that more games should try and evoke a wider range of emotions through its storytelling."

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VigorousApathy3405d ago

Because when I play a game about going hiking instead of actually going hiking I feel embarrassed.

Jack Meahoffer3405d ago

That's the embarassing part... Not that you're playing video games.

Gamers shouldn't be ashamed of their favorite form of media. It's interactive media. Same as books, television, movies and porn. It's entertainment... Nothing to be ashamed about.

When someone says I'm childish for playing games I just bash their head in and say GTA made me do it like everyone else.

kosha3405d ago

i think lots of people who dont play games have a very stereotypical view of gamers all being geeks with no lifes and thats why people dont go around boasting that they play games because they know what everyone will think

Genesis53405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

I 'm 43 years old I like to play video games so what. I don't give a flying ---- about what other people have to say about it. What's their hobby knitting,gardening,stamp collecting? Not for me.

I still like other pastimes,cycling and tennis are two of my favorites. But when I'm at home and I want to sit down and relax. I play a good video game with a good story.

If other adults don't like it. Well it's their loss.

Glad to be a gamer3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

I like most everyday people can't travel to an underworld utopia,or distant galaxies,let alone fight in a war ,drive a race car or play football for arsenal football team.

Games allow you to do anything and experience everything some of which isn't even physically possible in every day life. I read a book and play games to escape to these more exciting places.

For me this is a good thing as personally life although good and have other interests would be a lot more boring without. With the industry growing each year it looks like there are more then a few people that would agree.

JsonHenry3405d ago

Because you are pussies that need to learn to accept yourself and forget what others around you say.

Who else in here is with me on being proud to be a gamer?! I could be sitting in a sports bar wasting my money on booze, playing golf, or going to clubs (okay, I miss that part since I got married)... but seriously, who really cares enough about someone else's opinion that they are ashamed of what they like to do in their free time?

Not me. F-ck off if you don't like it!

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xsteinbachx3405d ago

When was the last time you saw a man actually get with a girl by saying " Ya I beat all my games on Hard... Thats how i do things..... Hard... "

dannyhinote_133405d ago

When's the last time you saw a pick-up line used in relation to any form of media?

fenderputty3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

when was the last time you used a pick up line that worked at all. Usually a simple, "Hey ... how you doing tonight" will suffice and be more effective.

BTW ... I'm not ashamed. It's something I do. Stand tall and be proud that you're a gamer. People spend too much time caring about what others think of them. Honestly, if someone doesn't like you because of your hobby, then that's more of a reflection of them then you.

Tabasco3405d ago

I couldn't agree more with you on both those points.

zypher3405d ago

GAMERS are probably ashamed of gaming because of FANBOYS.

-EvoAnubis-3405d ago

I'm not ashamed of **** I do. Gaming included.

-EvoAnubis-3405d ago

My disagreeing minion strikes again, I see. How nice.

Ghoul3405d ago

let me be your agree minion master

bigman73873405d ago

Obviously someone thinks you should spell it Anubis as opposed to Anub1s.

2 cents3405d ago

My gf knows about my hobby from day 1 and she understands me. She gets a bitt upset when i choose to play over spending time with her but i told her is my way or the highway. And it`s been like that for over 5 years now. But she`s pregnant, expecting a baby boy so i`m sure i`ll have to cut down on my gaming time when he arrives if i like or not. Atleast untill i can play games with him.
The point is that i`m not ashamed of my hobby and never will be.

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