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E3 2013: Microsoft's Phil Harrison defends Xbox One as 'worth the extra'

Microsoft's Phil Harrison comments on the questionable $499.99 price tag of the Xbox One... (Xbox One)

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BadboyCivic  +   782d ago
They felt great until Sony kick them in the gut with $399....
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Hatsune-Miku  +   782d ago
smart gamers feel great about the price also because they wont buy it. theyll buy a ps4 instead with more powerful hardware and support the company whos known for having the most quality exclusives
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dedicatedtogamers  +   782d ago
See, it's about choice (and it's why the Wii-U is also struggling). If people don't want to use the camera, TOO BAD! You still have to fork over an extra $100 for a console that is weaker than the PS4 because Microsoft insists that you NEED the camera. The Wii-U is similar. Wanna just use a controller? TOO BAD! Pay us for a tablet that isn't being utilized very well in most Wii-U games.

PS4's price seems reasonable because you know you're buying a console, that's it.
NewMonday  +   782d ago
Phil Harrison: Xbox One worth the extra

no it's not even worth half

many would even pay to keep it away from them because of Kinect collecting personal data.
Godmars290  +   782d ago
Well, Sony not only hanged on but came back from a $600 price tag.

Granted, they didn't potentially actively cut half their prior console's market off or ignore most of a region like Asia.
Rusty515  +   782d ago
Well fortunately they have an answer to people with no Internet...it's called xbox 360.

*Don Mattrick troll grin*
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mistertwoturbo  +   782d ago
Honestly, Don Mattrick is right. If someone wants to buy an offline device.

Get a 360.
or a PS4.
or a PS3.
or a PS2.
or a PS1.
or a Dreamcast.
or an NES.
or an Atari 2600.
Eddie20101  +   782d ago
Any other console but Xbox One.
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Upbeat  +   782d ago
Microsoft "feels great" about giving the gamers the middle figure by the looks of things..
bobtheimpaler  +   782d ago
We get you, Phil. *wink**wink*

You can give up the rouse.
ginsunuva  +   782d ago
I think he actually is a double agent sabatoging MS.
oof46  +   782d ago
But will I feel the need to get a second job to buy one?
titletownrelo  +   782d ago
worth the extra 100 dollars, huh?
*cool, hey then can I borrow one of your gam- nope nevermind...

*want to rent a game to see if its any good before buyi- Can't even do that, WOW!

*Live in the Carribean Islands, India, Germany, China, or Japan? You want to play games on day one? Well too bad!

*Have some killer gaming headsets from the 360 you want to use on the Xbox One? Not happening, sorry.

*Uncomfortable with Kinect constantly watching you? Sounds like a personal problem.

*Want exclusives other than generic shooters? That's not how we role.

*Have a great idea for an indie game? Well, then you have to pay us to let you go through this obstacle course first.

*xbox live under maintenance? Wanna play some single player offline gam- Oh, crap

*want a leading console in hardware and at an affordable cost? Maybe a good looking slimmer case to conserve space? WELL THEN DO WE HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU!!!

threefootwang  +   782d ago
Well said good sir! To further compliment your comment, I give you:


( •_•)>⌐■-■


thereapersson  +   782d ago
Probably the funniest comment in this whole debate
Mods, give this man 11 bubbles, stat!
Spontogical  +   782d ago
Agent Phil at it again! :D
reef1017  +   782d ago
Good luck with that.
Moonman  +   782d ago
Not for long, watch what happens to them. ;p
majiebeast  +   782d ago
Secret Agent Phil keeps doing his job till the Xbone is the next Saturn or Atari Jaguar.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   782d ago
Shut up, man! I mean, SERIOUSLY!

Because the Saturn actually had plenty of awesome 2d fighters and 2d shmups. How dare you compare the Xbox One to that? ;)

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Nyxus  +   782d ago
Of course they do. But we're the ones who have to pay it.
Majin-vegeta  +   782d ago
Not if you're smart not to buy this crap..
GraveLord  +   782d ago
Gamers sure don't. Again, this is another example of Microsoft failing to communicate "why".

Why is the Xbox One worth $100? We know the PS4 is more powerful, comes in a smaller, sleeker form factor and has the better online service with Playstation Plus. Why should we be forced to pay a premium for Xbox One? Because you bought out a lot of exclusives? Are we forced to make up for that money you wasted on games we might not even like?
bobtheimpaler  +   782d ago
Some of these exclusives would be available on PC, or are just temporary. Games like titan fall won't even be available at launch either.

I have a powerful PC for those games. I see no point in getting a $500 remote that's just going to be a hindrance to my gaming(much worse than PC)and is going to spy on me so it can shove ads down my throat.

All that BS just isn't worth it.
RiPPn  +   782d ago
The extra money is for Kinect, a tech that has been shunned by gamers since it's inception. But because it had a good launch with casuals they think we want it. Then they tailor an entire E3 around hiding the fact that it even exists. So they seem aware we don't want it, yet they insist we have it and pay the extra for it. Just one of the many disconnects Microsoft has.
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DxTrixterz  +   782d ago
I wonder if they will feel great about X1 sales in few days?
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RiPPn  +   782d ago
It's going to sell fine this year, hardcore collectors and xbox fanboys will keep it sold out until after this holiday. It's next year when things are going to get interesting.

And if the rumors that Sony is supplying 4x the amount of stock than Microsoft, that could be 4 times the installed base coming out the gate for Sony.
oof46  +   782d ago
4x? Where did Sony find all that ddr5 ram? I've read and heard on podcasts that it's rumored Sony's ram production isn't up to speed yet.
RiPPn  +   782d ago
I believe it was over on GAF GameStop employees saying they have only been allotted 5 Xbox Ones and 20 PS4s per store.
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Relientk77  +   782d ago
That's great Microsoft, because no one else does.
Astargatis  +   782d ago
Sony feels even greater
mushroomwig  +   782d ago
I'm so sick of the "power of the cloud" bullshit they keep trying to pull.
MizTv  +   782d ago
DarkZane  +   782d ago
The majority of the world doesn't have an internet connection that is good enough for the cloud.

Some are too slow, some have bandwidth caps and some have both problems.

A very small minority have a fast and uncapped connection.

They say Cloud gaming is the future, but sorry, we live in the present.

Maybe in 10 years, the idea of cloud gaming will work, but for now, it's just not good.
jc48573  +   782d ago
whatever. Just keep your MS hands off my wallet.
LordHiggens  +   782d ago
Is Microsoft smoking some good crap? Do they not have internet? Can they not see that people are really really angry over this and other issues?

I don't see this ending well for Microsoft.
ErcsYou  +   782d ago
I agree. How hard is it to actually listen to your customers and fan base? Seems like Sony is the only company listening these days. Game developers need to start listening more too, especially SquareEnix.
webeblazing  +   782d ago
well it would of been better with a much better showing of graphically impressive games for the price we know the cam is increasing the price but the messed up practices is what people have the problem with
nick309  +   782d ago
Does anyone know how much stuff cost outside america and europe ? Consoles here cost a 1000$ at launch , so it wont make a difference to milions of the world, sadly
Gamer-Z  +   782d ago
Microsoft Xbox One powered by the clouds

Sony PS4 powered by reality
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Der_Kommandant  +   782d ago
Sony PS4 powered by pure awesomeness
threefootwang  +   782d ago
Sony PS4 powered by Chuck Norris.
DarkZane  +   782d ago
Sony also has Gakai. So sorry Microsoft, your cloud thing isn't very special when your competitor will also do it.

Not only that, like everything else the PS4 does better, Cloud gaming will probably be better on PS4 too.
DigitalRaptor  +   782d ago
I know man. If Microsoft would have engineered and developed a dedicated gaming console, it would have no need to "leverage the power of the cloud", to try and make it seem that their console has any kind of long term benefits.

Nah, I'll choose to support the company that shows respect to its customers, is honest and upfront with us, with a console with tangible benefits not damage controlling promises and arrogant restrictions.

Nothing about Xbox One is worth the price of admission, if you have any self-respect. If you're buying one despite its monumental flaws and restrictions because of "teh exclusives", you're weak-willed and foolish.
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inf3cted1  +   782d ago
Microsoft said that? I thought they were gonna say that it wasnt worth it.
jc48573  +   782d ago
100 dollars goes towards maintaining the damn 300,000 servers or for the stupid kinect.
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GamersHeaven  +   782d ago
100$ extra for Spyware nah i'm good.
Agent_hitman  +   782d ago
That guy, Phil harrison used to be with Sony playstation camp before. And I must admit, I felt sad when he joined MS..

In any case, all these crap PR from MS only proves that they are losing fanbase worldwide due to strict anti-consumer policy.. Even their fans are jumping ship to ps4, and that's a great thing.
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Neko_Mega  +   782d ago
Micosoft: It cost $100 more because we added Kinect 2.0 with it.

I bet thats what they are going to say, anyways yeah I kind of seen this coming. I'll get both, but I'll be getting PS4 first.

With some hope, maybe Microsoft will learn this not sharing games with your friends (by sharing I mean handing the disc to a friend with no limits) and maybe I might buy their system sooner.
Jarhead1776  +   782d ago
Hahaha. You gotta love these corporate guys. They have no clue about the average person. The car companies are the same way.
00  +   782d ago
I'll be surprised if the xbox brand survives this gen.

MS must be using there billions of dollars to buy the finest drugs in the world.
Clarence  +   782d ago
M$ doesn't care about the consumers.
WeAreLegion  +   782d ago
Where is greenpowerz?
KingWookiee  +   782d ago
He is getting his internet upgraded so his connection can handle all those cloud computations.
Williamson  +   782d ago
Just stop already microsoft! No gamer should have to pay $60 for games that they wont have full control over.
refocusedman  +   782d ago
I swear this is like bizarro world. All of a sudden MS is sony when they launched the ps3 and sony is MS when they launched the 360. I vaguely remember a certain exec (kaz) telling the crowd that they should get another job to afford a certain system because it was worth it. I also remember Phil Harrison worked for sony when the ps3 was launched. Maybe its just me but those comments sound eerily similar. What im saying is maybe Kaz Hirai is really Phil Harrison. Kaz=Phil........ Im just saying
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   782d ago
The difference is the PS3 had state-of-the-art-tech, Sony had built an engineering marvel, and unlike MS today, they were making a $200-300$ loss on each console.
GoldenMonkey34   782d ago | Spam
nick309  +   782d ago
Ms& sony needs to do something about their prices of launch consoles out side america & europe. Here ps3 at launch was 1100 $ |:
Belking  +   782d ago
Sony fanboys backed ps3 when it cost 100 dollars more than xbox-one, plus it had less and weaker technology. Now all of a sudden xbox-one is too expensive.....too funny.
KingWookiee  +   782d ago
The PS3 was more powerful and had Blu-Ray. The Xbox One isn't as powerful as the PS4 and costs more.
Belking  +   782d ago
:The Xbox One isn't as powerful as the PS4 "

Sorry, but so far I haven't seen any proof of that claim. Games on xbox-one look just as good as ps4. Not buying it until I see a game that visually out shines xb1 games. I haven't seen that yet. As a matter of fact I saw how assassins creed had frame rate issues on PS4 at e-3.
justiceot  +   782d ago
"As a matter of fact I saw
how assassins creed had frame rate issues on PS4 at

Probably why it's $100 cheaper :)
KingWookiee  +   782d ago
@Belking Ever think that the issues with AC 4 was the game and not the system? Destiny had issues but it had nothing to do with the system and what about when BF4 wouldn't even start on the Xbox One?
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KingWookiee  +   782d ago
What have you seen on the Xbox One that can even compare to anything on the PS4? Killzone and Infamous looked better than anything shown at the MS conference. The PS4 has 50% more GPU power, 25% more CPU power, and GDDR5 ram. Plus 2 extra gigs for games compared to the One's 5 for games.
MizTv  +   782d ago
all these xboxone fans sound so stupid trying to defend this money sucking pos
i think its kind of sad
KingWookiee  +   782d ago
@MizTv If only MS would listen to the consumers. The Xbox One is great system hidden behind very bad policies that will stop even the most hardcore Xbox fans from purchasing.
grimmweisse  +   782d ago
You get what you pay for. The amount of RROD the early Xbox 360 models had was ridiculous, compared to the PS3 YLOD.

It was cheaper because MS skimped its cooling. I had 360 Elite, within 18 months it RROD. My day one first gen Japanese PS3 model is still ticking away nicely.

And now that the PS4 is cheaper than the One, I am more than confident in the quality of the product when released. Sony has proved it.
Karpetburnz  +   782d ago
So are Xbox fanboys gonna support PS4 now that its cheaper? Didn't you fanboys use to praise Microsoft for releasing a cheap console and mock Sony for releasing an expensive one?
DarkZane  +   782d ago
Yet in the end, the PS3 managed to outsell the 360 and once again, Microsoft are left behind in last place.

They haven't figured out that releasing an underpowered console at a lower price doesn't work if it's them.

Look at Sony, only them can pull it off. Not only the PS4 is more powerful, it's less expensive as well.
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