E3 2013: Microsoft's Phil Harrison defends Xbox One as 'worth the extra'

Microsoft's Phil Harrison comments on the questionable $499.99 price tag of the Xbox One...

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BadboyCivic1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

They felt great until Sony kick them in the gut with $399....

Hatsune-Miku1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

smart gamers feel great about the price also because they wont buy it. theyll buy a ps4 instead with more powerful hardware and support the company whos known for having the most quality exclusives

dedicatedtogamers1808d ago

See, it's about choice (and it's why the Wii-U is also struggling). If people don't want to use the camera, TOO BAD! You still have to fork over an extra $100 for a console that is weaker than the PS4 because Microsoft insists that you NEED the camera. The Wii-U is similar. Wanna just use a controller? TOO BAD! Pay us for a tablet that isn't being utilized very well in most Wii-U games.

PS4's price seems reasonable because you know you're buying a console, that's it.

NewMonday1808d ago

Phil Harrison: Xbox One worth the extra

no it's not even worth half

many would even pay to keep it away from them because of Kinect collecting personal data.

Godmars2901808d ago

Well, Sony not only hanged on but came back from a $600 price tag.

Granted, they didn't potentially actively cut half their prior console's market off or ignore most of a region like Asia.

Rusty5151808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Well fortunately they have an answer to people with no's called xbox 360.

*Don Mattrick troll grin*

mistertwoturbo1808d ago

Honestly, Don Mattrick is right. If someone wants to buy an offline device.

Get a 360.
or a PS4.
or a PS3.
or a PS2.
or a PS1.
or a Dreamcast.
or an NES.
or an Atari 2600.

Eddie201011808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Any other console but Xbox One.

Upbeat1808d ago

Microsoft "feels great" about giving the gamers the middle figure by the looks of things..

bobtheimpaler1808d ago

We get you, Phil. *wink**wink*

You can give up the rouse.

ginsunuva1808d ago

I think he actually is a double agent sabatoging MS.

oof461808d ago

But will I feel the need to get a second job to buy one?

titletownrelo1808d ago

*cool, hey then can I borrow one of your gam- nope nevermind...

*want to rent a game to see if its any good before buyi- Can't even do that, WOW!

*Live in the Carribean Islands, India, Germany, China, or Japan? You want to play games on day one? Well too bad!

*Have some killer gaming headsets from the 360 you want to use on the Xbox One? Not happening, sorry.

*Uncomfortable with Kinect constantly watching you? Sounds like a personal problem.

*Want exclusives other than generic shooters? That's not how we role.

*Have a great idea for an indie game? Well, then you have to pay us to let you go through this obstacle course first.

*xbox live under maintenance? Wanna play some single player offline gam- Oh, crap

*want a leading console in hardware and at an affordable cost? Maybe a good looking slimmer case to conserve space? WELL THEN DO WE HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU!!!


threefootwang1808d ago

Well said good sir! To further compliment your comment, I give you:


( •_•)>⌐■-■



thereapersson1808d ago

Mods, give this man 11 bubbles, stat!

Spontogical1808d ago

Agent Phil at it again! :D

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Moonman1808d ago

Not for long, watch what happens to them. ;p

majiebeast1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Secret Agent Phil keeps doing his job till the Xbone is the next Saturn or Atari Jaguar.

dedicatedtogamers1808d ago

Shut up, man! I mean, SERIOUSLY!

Because the Saturn actually had plenty of awesome 2d fighters and 2d shmups. How dare you compare the Xbox One to that? ;)

Nyxus1808d ago

Of course they do. But we're the ones who have to pay it.

Majin-vegeta1808d ago

Not if you're smart not to buy this crap..