Mad Max will contain exclusive DLC for PS4 and PS3

During PlayStation E3 2013 Live Coverage - Day 2, Franke Rooke (Mad Max' s director) has confirmed that Mad Max will contain exclusive DLC for PS3 and PS4.

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Sonyslave32014d ago

Yes u gotta love paid dlc woot

Abash2014d ago

Was planning to get it for PS4 anyways

xc7x2014d ago

we need gameplay video

OlgerO2012d ago

If it is exclusive content that will only exist because of sony backing them then it is okay but if they paid to keep it away from xbox then I despise that practice

GameCents2013d ago

SONY buying up alot of exclusive content. They showed one new exclusive game at E3 subsequently.

HammadTheBeast2012d ago

And about 10 at their reveal.

2012d ago
Virtual_Reality2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

But the difference with Sony, is that they are paying for real exclusive content, no timed exclusives content as you know.

Facts are fact:

2012d ago
fsfsxii2012d ago

@Golden monkey
I don't recall Catowman's DLC being on the 360

Larry L2012d ago

I don't think the Joker DLC did either, did it?

Did 360 get the extra missions from the AC games? I don't play the series to know.

I know the huge Unreal Tournament expansion never came out on 360. And just because Epic refused to charge people for it and MS wouldn't allow them to give it away for free. Messed up. I remember Mark Rein going off about it in a post on the Unreal boards back when putting PC mods into the PS3 version of UT3 was my main obsession.

All the additional content in the Ninja Gaiden games was never added to 360.

Did 360 get the extra content in GRAW2 added? All the extra maps, open ended 16 player co-op campaign, weapons, female soldiers and all that? I don't think it did but not positive. Did it have 40 maps on 360?

360 never got the PS3 Castle Crashers content.

There's probably quite a few examples if we actually dug through the 7 or 8 years of this gen.

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